Where do people in Armenia prefer to go?

Where do people in Armenia prefer to go? post thumbnail image

Leisure is a necessary precursor to a productive working life.

Because of pressing social issues, not all Armenians are able to unwind during the summer. There is even a story that claims only wealthy Armenians can leave the country during the summer, whereas those in the middle class may only afford leisure trips abroad.

Where do our fellow countrymen go on vacation in the summer? It turns out that their preferences have not altered. For those with little money, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus, and Antalya (in Turkey) are the preferred destinations.

According to tourism businesses, Armenian tourists are seeking visas more than usual, which has deterred them from visiting European nations.

For many Armenians, Egypt is the favorite destination. Dubai is another popular choice for travelers of various nationalities, where a double room with breakfast may be rented for around 750-800 dollars per week in a well-appointed hotel, whereas vacationing in Bulgaria will set you back about 1,000 Euros.

Despite the fact that Armenia is a relatively small country, more than 2.8 million Armenians live outside of it and maintain a strong connection to it. Georgia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for Armenians, despite the fact that a 7-day holiday begins at only 50,000 drams ($123). The lure of Georgian tourism is

According to statistics, the number of Armenians going to Adjara for tourism is around 60-70,000. The preferred mode of transportation for getting to the location is a train, bus, or automobile.

In 2021, Armenia received 603,074 visitors, an increase of 9.4 percent over the previous year. It’s difficult to say whether these figures represent tourists or everyone who has visited Armenia;

During various events in Armenia, such as the festival of local cuisine in Akhtala and the wine festival in Areni, the number of visitors rises. There will soon be a new tourism festival in Gyumri, which is Armenia’s second largest city.

According to experts, Armenia could reach the ranks of appealing nations where a getaway is not only enjoyable, but also affordable if more concerted efforts are made.

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