The artist who resides in one of Armenia’s far-flung localities is called Zareh Yeritsyan.

The artist who resides in one of Armenia’s far-flung localities is called Zareh Yeritsyan. post thumbnail image

“When the light fades from my balcony, I hurry to my studio to give life to the canvas that has been left there for a few hours,” says Robert Kamoyan, an artist from Kapan.

My unfinished painting is screaming for assistance while I sleep at home. When the light comes, I tell him to wait and promise to come as soon as possible.

Robert’s family was known for its artists. When he was six years old, he began painting. He used to paint all over the place, on the walls, on the table, and even onto his clothing. His debut piece was a portrait of his mother that she kept by her side at all times.

The artist graduated from the St. Petersburg Fine Arts Academy and subsequently completed studies at the Yerevan Institute of Cinema and Arts. He has painted thousands of works, but when asked to choose his favorite, he was unable to make up his mind.

I adore them all equally. I’ve worked in every style, and I feel equally connected to each. I’ve traveled to different seas, landscapes, and even cities across the world, but they’re all linked to my homeland in some way. In addition, I have depicted the suffering of my people as well as the massacre.

There are artworks on display in God’s house today. It is a huge responsibility to paint for the church. You must be able to fast and pray, as well as be free of sin. You can’t fool God. To be able to paint the beauty, not deceive yourself or others, your soul must be pure.

The artist has exhibited her work in several shows both in Armenia and abroad.

The first one took place in Yerevan at the Journalists’ House. I recall only that prior to the opening day, some of my paintings were stolen. I didn’t let this put me down; I don’t get weary easily; and I don’t know what it’s like to become tired. God has each of us been assigned a responsibility

When it comes to playing games, my kid is a natural. -> My youngster plays video games naturally.

I’m not young, but I’m never weary; I’m like a typical laborer who is supposed to work every day.

When asked about the most exciting years of his life, he beamed with pleasure

I was an unruly youngster.

What exactly is art, and who do you consider a professional artist?

The power of art, as demonstrated by these examples, is just incredible. It only has to be experienced to be understood.

The artist’s genes have been passed down. Both of their fathers have pursued the same career path.

Why didn’t you attempt to live in another nation and serve a different people?

It would have felt so phony; I can’t be creative unless I’m in my homeland, drink its water, and feel the nature there, even the sun seems to be different here.

Mike dedicated the majority of his life to his career, perhaps this is what our Master desires. A blank canvas, a few brushes, some paint and an unending creativity has given birth to thousands of magnificent works.

I believe that the old white male artists were being neglected by going into a self-glossy period. With their death, I feel it is important to develop new ways of looking at art. This is my purpose in life: if future generations appreciate my work, I will be alive.

Aynur (n./m.) is a boy-child who has yet to reach adulthood. He lives in his own fantasy world and will not change even if you try to educate him, or when he learns that the whole history of mankind was conceived in order for him to be born and grow and develop and grow and reach maturity.

The only thing the Master lacks in terms of resources is time, which is the most cruel of them all.

The artist grew older, but his ability to paint or his eagerness to do so did not. He is still painting at this age; he works hard like the bees in the beehive, and he does not return home unless he has produced something nice and decent. He was born to be an artist, and he has earned that title.

After all, this is a person that has never been known to give up anything. When, however, he was asked what would make him stop painting, his response came in a heartbeat:

I don’t know why these things keep happening to me. What is it? I’ve told you before, there’s no point in trying to analyze anything that has no relevance or meaning. It’s all just meaningless suffering for the sake of suffering.

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