Oakmoss Essential Oil: Use & Benefits

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Oakmoss Absolute is an essential oil with an impressive and soothing aroma. Oakmoss Absolute essential oil has several mental health benefits including antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Apart from its health benefits, oakmoss absolute is also used extensively in the perfume industry.

Major Constituents of Oakmoss Absolute

Oakmoss Absolute essential oil is mostly made up of diethyl phthalate, cedrane, linalool, and alpha-terpineol.

How it’s made

  • Moss growing on the bark of oak trees is extracted using a hydrocarbon solvent in order to yield a solid substance.
  • Using ethanol, the concrete is extracted.
  • The concrete extracted by ethanol is cooled down to about -15 degrees celcius in order to solidify waxes.
  • The solidified waxes are then cold filtered to yield a liquid extract.
  • Once the ethanol evaporates, the oil is left behind.

What are the benefits of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil?

  • Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil has antiseptic capabilities. You can use it on wounds or cuts on your body in order to protect yourself from infections. This will protect you from Sepsis.
  • Since Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil has soothing capabilities, you can use it on your skin as well. You can apply the oil to your skin in order to get relief form rashes or inflammations. Its uses are not limited to skin care, Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil can also be used to sooth your internal organs from damages they have suffered.
  • You may even use Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil to clear your respiratory tract through a process called expectoration!
  • Apart from health benefits, Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil is even used in saops, sprays and cosmetics. The oil is also popular as a fixative.

How to use Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil?

If you’re suffering from a headache, smelling the oil should help. Apart from headaches, you can also apply it to your skin for skincare. In case you’re feeling bloated, rub it over your belly. Using Oakmoss Absolute oil is quite simple. There’s more than one way to use it!

Strength of Initial Aroma

The first time you smell Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil, you’ll be reminded of nature. By nature, we mean a deep, wet, and dark forest. It may also feel or smell a bit leathery. Overall, the smell of the oil is similar to that of moss growing on the bark of oak trees.

Aromatic Description

Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil has a very rich, woody aroma. The kind of aroma which reminds you of fungus, moss growing on wood, lichen, decaying leaves, and damp earth. When you smell the oil, you’ll definitely remember that time you went to the forest during the monsoon or autumn. It’s calming and uplifting.

Blending and Uses

For the right combination, you can blend Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil with several other essential oils. These essential oils are namely lavender, cypress, geranium, neroli, and patchouli.

Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil has several uses such as for soaps and cosmetics. The oil is even used as a fixative, to extend the shelf life of products.

In a cream or carrier oil

You can use Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil with your favorite cream or carrier oil. All you need to do is mix it well and rub it on your body.

In a diffuser

Having a natural, earthy aroma, Oakmoss Absolute Essential oil can be in sprays or perfumes. It can even be used in diffusers to automatically keep your room, car, or mind fresh!

In a spritzer

If you’re looking to add a little bit of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil to your spritzer, you can do it. However, your spritzer has to have alcohol along with that cream and soda. Alcohol is needed to dilute Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil.

Can you ingest Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil?

If you’re talking about directly drinking it out of the bottle, it’s a definite and strict no! If you want to ingest Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil, you need to dilute it with alcohol.

Cautions, Safety and Side Effects of Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil

If you’re using Oakmoss Absolute oil, remember to keep it away from children under two years of age. Pregnant women are also advised not to use this product. If you are epileptic, best avoid this oil too.

Also, do not use this oil if you have damaged, diseased or hypersensitive skin as it may cause rashes and irritations.

Is Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely not, pregnant women are advised not to use this oil.

Does Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil stain?

Since most essential oils are light and vaporize easily, Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil does not stain. There are only a few nameable essential oils that stain, and Oakmoss Absolute is not one of them.

Is Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil toxic?

If you’re ingesting the oil directly and then yes, it’s absolutely toxic. The only way to ingest it is if you dilute it with alcohol.

What to look for when choosing Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil?

When choosing Oakmoss Absolute Oil, look for the price, the brand, materials, country of origin, and the color of the product. It has to be light brown.

What substitutes are there?

If you can’t find Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil, Patchouli is the next best-recommended substitute.

Bottom Line

Although Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil is very effective with numerous benefits, it is getting harder to find. The reason behind this is that Oakmoss is on the IFRA potential allergen list.

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