Noushik Mikayelian: Art has the power to purify the soul.

Noushik Mikayelian: Art has the power to purify the soul. post thumbnail image

Gala, an art gallery dedicated to promoting Armenian contemporary art, recently opened in Yerevan with the support of Mr. and Mrs. composer Avetis Berberyan and writer Noushik Mikayelian.

Many art lovers were quickly drawn to the gallery in such a short period of time.

We spoke to Noushik Mikayelian, the company’s co-founder, about everything you need to know.

When did Gala Art Gallery open for the general public?

The gallery’s official opening was held on October 13, 2012. Since its inception, the museum has displayed works by artists of various ages. Classic pieces by Kochar, Saryan, Minas, Hakob Hakobyan… as well as many works by well-known young and contemporary artists have appealed.

Gala Art Gallery seeks to provide a lovely environment for them to exhibit their work to art enthusiasts in Armenia and around the world.

What is the most important aspect of your gallery?

The Armenian art is being presented to the rest of the world as a major aim. We’ve had a lot of renowned artists in the past, and there are many talented and gifted individuals today, implying that we have great potential. I’d like to make one point very clear. Galleries play an important role in reflecting the image of any particular nation.

Tell us about the most recent show at your gallery.

The final exhibition was called “The Color and You.” It ran from December 10th to January 15th and was free. A colorful collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and silverware was on display; they represented the most vibrant works by over 70 famous artists.

How do you determine how much to charge for the art? What factors do you consider when making your decision?

There are certain artists who have already established their prices in Armenia and internationally, and we won’t assess them. The works of young artists are handled differently. The exhibitions play a key role here. They assist in the presentation and sale of the pieces for acceptable fees, after which they will gradually increase them.

How do you choose the work of young artists? What factors do you consider when picking their works?

We place a lot of emphasis on the artist’s distinctiveness and style, which allows you to tell his work apart at any exhibit. The quality with which the item was produced is important as well.

What have you heard from your family and friends about the essay?

The reactions have been very positive so far. Thank God, our artists are extremely dedicated and continually wow everyone with their skill; many of them have already caught the attention of some significant art collectors. It’s worth noting that in the last 20 days, we had 600 visitors.

What about your poetry? I think it has a unique importance in your writer’s life.

I’ve published three volumes of poetry that are already familiar to the reader. But I’m focusing on short stories and essays now, rather than long poems. I’m one of those people who believe we should appreciate someone while he or she is still creating instead of after they’ve gone.

Is there anything that prevents individuals from any social strata from viewing your art pieces?

Unfortunately, in Armenia, as in every other country in the world, not everyone may afford to purchase the artworks on display at galleries. That would be nice if it were that way, so that people of all walks of life could have a work.

Gala Art Gallery is a gallery that exclusively offers art. We also have sculptures, silver jewelry, ceramics… Sculptures can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000. Paintings range in price from $250 to $50000.

It cleanses the heart and allows you to merge with elegance.

What is the subject of your next show and what do you want to happen in the future of Gala?

The next exhibition, which will run from January 25th to February 20th, is dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day and will be held at the Museum of Modern Art.

As far as my expectations for the Armenian Arts go, I’d want them to be more renowned in the world’s most prominent art markets so that our outstanding artists may sell their work at internationally accepted rates. It’s critical for Armenians to be recognized as followers of the Armenian school of art. If we make a conscious effort.

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