Ani Amiraghyan is a professional tennis player from Armenia.

Ani Amiraghyan is a professional tennis player from Armenia. post thumbnail image

Ani, would you mind sharing with us how you made your debut in the world of sports and especially tennis?

I was first introduced to the game when I was still quite young. Until I was 5, I studied tennis lessons, after which I took a break of many years before returning at the age of 8. For the first time, I won a tournament a year later.

How advanced is this sort of activity in Armenia, according to your perspective?

Unfortunately, it isn’t particularly far along. I’m not sure why it is that way, but this game doesn’t receive much attention.

We’d like to learn more about your successes.

I’ve won five European Tennis Association (ETA) tournaments when I was 14-16 years old, despite my limited participation. On the list of young tennis players in Europe, I’m ranked 19th. The International Olympic Committee gave me two grants when I was 13 to train in Spain. For three years I have been part of the European juvenile talents.

What impact does tennis have on the appearance of a woman?

It may have a detrimental effect. Most athletes are affected by them, although the body continues to retain its physical condition.

Is there a particular nutrition plan that the tennis player must follow?

Yes, with confidence. I usually eat meals high in albumen, as well as take prescribed medications. The body is not suited to intense athletic activity, and significant damage can occur as a result of this. As a result, magnesium and calcium are taken to maintain the heart healthy.

At what point in your career are you now?

I currently rank 523 on the tennis-playing world rankings. This is the greatest achievement for an Armenian sportsperson. There were two to three Armenian tennis players who had surpassed previous achievements in the past, but none have done so in recent years.

Despite Ani’s achievements and triumphs, she is in a tough position. To continue her professional life, she requires more financial backing. Her family has always backed her, but Ani now require further assistance in order to participate in tournaments all across the world and advance in her profession.

Her father, Ruben Amiraghyan, is her tennis coach. Ani’s father, Ruben Amiraghyan, had the following discussion with us.

What obstacles does Ani face as a young sportsperson?

The obstacles were numerous and for the most part had nothing to do with physical fitness. We have thus far been able to ensure Ani’s participation in international competitions through our own efforts. It is true that some people assisted us in this, but it was not a financial issue. An athlete’s development requires funding.

Is the Armenian Tennis Federation prepared to help?

Unfortunately, no. Every year, the Federation sends several athletes to international competitions on behalf of them. A certain “budget” was set aside for Ani some time ago, but this has been insufficient for any international engagement. Let me give you an illustration. A single box of tennis balls costs 10 dollars in the United States.

Aren’t there any tennis events going on in Armenia?

The past two tournaments were held. Last year, Ani attended the previous tournament, but it is uncertain if there will be another this season.

It’s crucial to find a person or an organization that can help Ani Amiraghyan, who has worked hard to keep the reputation of Armenia high in the international arena. We hope that others will read this and respond. Azad-Hye wishes good fortune for the young athlete as well as success in his future endeavors.

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