Azad-Hye is a meeting point of Middle East Armenians.

There are over 400,000 Armenians in the Middle East, who reside close to the historical Armenian Highlands.

We will try to collect as much information on Armenian activities in the Middle East as possible, while also including some pan-Armenian themes. We hope you find our resources useful.

The Azad-Hye team is in charge of the brand and establishes solid foundations for ensuring the representation and expansion of Azad-Hye news agency in regional and global information platforms.

Azad-Hye is a media organization founded by Heghine Sargsyan and her husband, journalist Arjun Narekyan. Azad-Hye actively covers, publishes, and broadcasts all significant events in Armenia.

Azad-Hye has a large number of subscribers, both in Armenia and abroad. In addition to the media, Azad-Hye’s subscribers include embassies, international organizations, banks, think tanks, and other entities.

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