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Who has the biggest share of responsibility in Karnig Sarkissian's story?   (Results - 239 votes)

Who is responsible for 1st March 2008 riot events in Yerevan?   (Results - 316 votes)

What is the number one problem we face as Armenians?   (Results - 134 votes)

How do you evaluate the activities of the Hay Tad Office (Armenian National Committee) in the Middle East? Read about the Office here.   (Results - 58 votes)

What kind of changes are expected in the Turkish-Armenian relations after the assassination of Hrant Dink?   (Results - 42 votes)

Did you like the Armenia tourism advertisement on CNN in 2007?   (Results - 122 votes)

Do you agree to the deployment of Turkish army in the South of Lebanon?   (Results - 80 votes)

Do you think Armenian singer Andre should have performed in Armenian language at the Eurovision 2006 in Athens?   (Results - 98 votes)

What do you think the Diaspora Communities should do to stop human trafficking from Armenia?   (Results - 259 votes)

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