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Professor Sir Ara DarziProfessor Sir Ara Darzi, who is charged with improving patient care, has been promoted from his previous role as National Advisor on surgery.
Sir Ara, chair of surgery at Imperial College London, supports government plans to reconfigure NHS services.
When he took over as prime minister, Mr Brown said he planned a broad-based government of "all the talents".
But the Conservatives have criticised the appointment, accusing Sir Ara of having a poor record of supporting access to services for patients and rubber-stamping the demands of the Department of Health.
In a report published earlier this year Sir Ara said 80% of operations should be carried out on patients in their local area, with the remaining complex cases undertaken at specialist centres by highly skilled surgeons.
Ministers have already embarked on a policy of reconfiguring services along these lines - leading to controversial decisions about individual NHS units which have been bitterly opposed by critics.
Sir Ara will combine his ministerial duties with his research and clinical commitments, including the supervision of students.
Sir Ara, 47, said: "It is a great honour and privilege to be asked by the Prime Minister to continue that work for patients across the country.
"I will be working closely with Alan Johnson to map out the next steps of the reform agenda that has achieved so much in the last 10 years. But we can do better."
Frontline experience
He said he would draw on his experience from the frontline to fulfil his new responsibilities.
"I am not a politician by profession. My working life has, is and will continue to be centred on patient care."
Sir Ara is internationally respected for his innovative work in the advancement of minimal invasive surgery and in the development and use of allied technologies including surgical robots and image-guided surgery.
Dr Jonathan Fielden, chair of the BMA's consultants' committee, said: "Having a focus on improving patient care is a positive step forward.
"We will be looking forward to him listening to our concerns and working closely with him to ensure that the concerns of the profession and the public are utilised to improve patient care."
Mr Bernard Ribeiro, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, said: "I am delighted that a practising surgeon, who deals with patients on a regular basis, has decided to take such a high position.
"It is an opportunity for government to engage directly with the profession."
The prime minister's spokesman said Professor Darzi would work Monday to Thursday as a minister - being paid for three days - and continue to work as an NHS surgeon, unpaid, on Fridays.
Any income from his international private practice will be paid direct to Imperial College to fund research, the spokesman said.
Photo: Sir Ara Darzi believes people should get treatment locally

The Guardian (London) - 30 June 2007
Ministerial surprises: Ara Darzi
While other ministers hold surgeries in their constituencies, Professor Sir Ara Darzi will be carrying them out for real. On Fridays the new junior minister at the Department of Health will continue to practise as surgeon. The 47-year-old, Armenian-born pioneer of keyhole surgery will be paid by the government for three days a week, but work four. Any money received from his  international private practice will be donated to research at Imperial College, where he has been head of the surgery division. "He is a world renowned surgeon in some of the most hi-tech areas of surgery but he also combines this with great experience of leading change in the NHS," the prime minister's spokesman said. Mr Darzi is a former member of the NHS modernisation board, and has led controversial reviews on NHS services in Kidderminster, the north-east, Yorkshire and London. He once demonstrated technological improvements in rectal probes to the then shadow health secretary, Ann Widdecombe.
From Wikipedia
Professor Sir Ara Darzi is one of the world's leading surgeons, specialising in the field of minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery, having pioneered many new techniques and technologies.
He is married to Wendy and they have two children, Freddie and Nina.
Professor Darzi joined Imperial College London in 1994, becoming Head of Division in 2004. During this time he has also served on the Department of Health's National Modernisation Board, the NHS Executive and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. As well as pioneering robot-assisted surgery, he has helped develop new training methods, involving the use of virtual reality to allow surgeons to practice their skills.
Professor Darzi is an Armenian who was born in Baghdad, Iraq but spent much of his childhood in Ireland. In 2003 he became a British citizen. He was awarded a knighthood in 2003 for his services to medicine and surgery.
On 29 June 2007 he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Health by new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Posted on Tuesday, July 03, 2007 (7269 reads), comments: 2
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Posted by Moderator on Friday, July 06, 2007

Nidham Al-Rayes, an old classmate of Sir Ara Darzi, has some details about their early schooling years:
Sir Dr. Ara Vartkes Darzi, the new British Healthcare Minister, was my classmate for six years in Baghdad College (the nationalized American Jesuits High School in Baghdad). We both passed the State Baccalaureate Exam in 1978, where he immediately left to the UK.
For elementary school, Ara went to Frank Ayni (the nationalized Jewish School in Baghdad).
Nidham Al-Rayes, PE
California Registered Civil Engineer
Message received on 06 July 2007
Nidham Al-Rayes can be reached at the following e-mail.

Posted by Ara Sarkis Ashjian on Friday, July 13, 2007

Dear Friends,

I received many e-mails from members of the group asking me about Sir Ara, his family and his Armenian ethnicity. His family was well-known in Baghdad. They left Iraq to UK in the 1980's. Ara's classmates still remember him. Although I was not his classmate, but I still remember him. We both passed the state baccalaureate exams in the same year (1978). Then, I was very astonished that he didn't continue his education in Iraq and went to Dublin, as he had got, like me, high marks in the exams and could study medicine in Iraq. The Iraqi medicine certificate was well-respected throughout the world. I realize now that he had made his right decision then. Ara is of pure Armenian ethnicity.
Yesterday, I found his family record in Iraqi Orthodox Armenian Diocese. His father's name and surname is Vartkes Nasif Terzian, born in Mosul (Northern city of Iraq) in 1930 (mother's name is Arevalus). Ara's mother's name and surname is Dikranuhi Samvel Hagopian, born in Baghdad in 1934 (mother's name is Hayganush). Ara was born May 7, 1960 in Baghdad. He had got another name (Freddi) in the records, and as we see from the attached story, this is too the name of his son.
With regards,
Ara Sarkis Ashjian

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