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The Austrian Hospice is happy to announce the opening of an exhibition entitled “Through Armenian Eyes” on Sunday, 29th of March, 2009, 8pm.
Two Armenian Priests are presenting their art-work.  A painter and a photographer bring their world of art to a larger audience.
Paintings by F. Endza Babakhanyan – focusing on existential themes and photos by F. Isahak Minasyan – illustrating Armenian Rites and Services during the Holy Week (Both Paintings and Photos are on sale 29th of March – 10th of May).
Looking forward to welcoming you!
Markus St. Bugnyar
Director / Rector of the Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem
Austrian Hospice - Via Dolorosa 37 - POB 19600 - 91194 Jerusalem


Painting by Father Endza BabakhanyanV. Rev. F. Endza Babakhanyan
1995 - Personal exhibition in Jerusalem
1997 - Personal exhibition in Amman
1998 - Personal exhibition in Beit Hanina
2000 - Personal exhibition in California, USA (Van Nays and Hollywood)
2001 - Personal exhibition in Bethlehem
2002 - Personal exhibition in Canada
2007 - Personal exhibition in Venice
2008 - Personal exhibition in Venice and Milan
ENDZA (Artistic Name)
"My childhood is concealed in my paintings which help me live TODAY. I love life only when I look at it through the red windows of my childhood. Every stroke of my paintbrush is a prayer to me."

This is how Fr. Endza describes himself. He was born in Armenia. During his adolescence he studied many subjects, including drama at the Institute of Theatre and Cinema of Yerevan (1985-91). He performed in this city's theatre for a couple of years before moving to Israel in 1995 to attend private courses in Art and Painting. At this time he became an ordained priest and worked in the Armenian Theological Seminary as an art teacher.

He never stopped studying and travelled to Italy in 2005, to the "Istituto Veneto per i Beni Culturali". After graduation from Venice Art School, today Fr. Endza is back to Jerusalem as an expert in restoration of paintings. For further information and correspondance, please see his personal website: www.endza.com  


Photography work of Father Isahak MinasyanV. Rev. F. Isahak Minasyan
Rev. Fr. Isahak Minasyan is a celibate priest serving at the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. He was born in Armenia. In 1993, after high school he entered the Armenian Seminary of Jerusalem. He was ordained to the sacred order of priesthood in 2000.
Since 2004 Fr. Minasyan is in charge of the Audio Visual Dept. of the Patriarchate. He is also an amateur photographer.  His photography focuses mainly on religious, ecclesiastical and official events pertaining to the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. He also photographs community events, landscapes, panoramas and other things related to the Armenians of Jerusalem. His personal photo-gallery website www.fi-photos.com will be re-launched soon.
This year Fr. Minasyan will be graduating from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a B.A. degree in the School of Education. His primary goals are to strengthen the Armenian presence in the Holy Land and to encourage Christians worldwide to make the traditional pilgrimage to Jerusalem. For comments and back-up, please write to: sahagapp@gmail.com

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