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with Archbishop Vahan TopalianAzad-Hye Special

This year Prince Hassan bin Talal chose the Armenian Prelacy in Amman to express his best wishes in the name of the Jordanian Royal family and the Jordanian people to the Christian communities in Jordan.

The number of Christians in Jordan is about 100.000, while the Armenians are about 5.000

The Jordanian Armenians keep their traditions and continue to speak their language. Community life is relatively active and has witnessed a sort of revival in recent times. Easy communications with other Middle Eastern communities, especially with neighboring Syria and Lebanon, has sustained interest in pan-Armenian issues.

On 26 December 2009, Prince Hassan bin Talal, who is King Abdullah's uncle and has served for long time in the past as Crown Prince, visited Homenetmen Armenian club in Ashrafia area in old Amman.

Archbishop Vahan Topalian and heads of Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Latin, Coptic, Assyrian Churches welcomed the distinguished guest, who is very active in humanitarian, academic, intellectual and other fields. Entities established by him include: Hashemite Aid and Relief Agency, Islamic Scientific Academy, Royal Scientific Society, Al al-Bait Foundation, Arab Youth Forum, etc. 
Representatives of the two Armenian clubs (Homenetmen and Watani Sporting Club) and about 50 Armenian personalities attended the meeting.

Chairman of the National Council Dr. Kevork Ikejian welcomed the Prince and expressed his gratitude to the Hashemite royal family in Jordan for the wisdom and foresight expressed by its leaders, starting from Sharif Hussein (Sharif of Mecca), up to the current King Abdullah bin Hussein. Sharif Hussein is known for his orders to provide help and shelter to the Armenian refugees, victims of the Armenian Genocide. This probably was the first order by an Arab ruler to provide humanitarian aid to foreign refugees in Modern Arab history. The letter issued by Sharif Hussein is well known to the historians.

The visit of Prince Hassan is a further evidence of the continuation of this patriotic and compassionate school of thought.

Photos by Nerses Nersesian

In Homenetmen reception hall

With heads of Christian communities in Amman

With representatives of the Armenian community

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