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Shant TV





The Armenians in the Middle East and in many other locations in the world will have the chance now to follow a second Armenian TV station on Hotbird satellite.

As of 25 December 2008, beside the Armenian H1 Channel (State TV) on Hotbird, it is also possible to watch Shant TV at the following frequency details:
Frequency 11034
Polarisation Vertical
FEC 3/4
Symbol Rate 27500

The new year program of Shant TV is special program, which is going to include humoristic clips, new musical performances, dances and surprises. See the complete program of 31 December 2008 below.


Shant TV was founded by Arthur Yezekyan in Gyumry, the second largest city of Armenia, in 1994.

It was a difficult time to start a media network, specially from a regional city. The economic and social situation of Armenia was at its worst. A complete collapse of the Soviet system combined with the regional conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan had created a great challenge for media workers.

Another factor to affect the overall negative atmosphere was the catastrophic earthquake in 1988, which devastated the city of Gyumry (Leninakan) and many neighboring areas, including several towns and many villages in Northern Armenia.

There was so many material to broadcast and the country's second city needed a media outlet, an independent voice, a screen with local flavor. The new-found TV company began specializing in the production of news programs and documentaries. After the initial experimental period, Shant TV launched its 6-hour daily broadcasting program in May 1995.

Shant TV extended its activities and began regular broadcasting in Yerevan since 2001. In few years time it turned out to be one of the leading TV channels of the capital. It is an exceptional case in the history of TV channels when a regional company becomes one of the most influential in the capital.

In 2002, Shant TV acquired the right for broadcasting the Armenian version of the famous television show ''Who wants to be a millionaire?''. This television game was the first internationally acknowledged show acquired legally in Armenia. In 2003, ''Horizon'' news report program was recognized the most objective program in Armenia in covering the presidential and parliamentary election campaigns.

Since 2005 Shant TV has acquired unique rights for broadcasting many world-wide prominent events in Armenia, starting from the Miss Universe 2004 etc. The Armenian version ''Hay Superstar" was also launched on Shant TV. In 2007 it realized the ''National singer'' project, which made a breakthrough in the revival of national songs.

Today Shant TV is actively integrating into world television industry. The company has also other media activities such as publishing a weekly newspaper, producing humoristic sketches, etc. It has a private radio station since 1998. 

Some of the known names in Shant TV: Nver Mnatsakanyan, Arthur Kirakosian, Artem Erkanian, Diana Harutyunyan, Armine Suqyasyan, Hakob Rubinyan, Ervand Gharibyan, Arthur Hakobian, Artem Karapetyan, Ashot Ydigaryan and Harutyun Movsisyan. 

31 December 2008 program

7.10 “Who wants to be a millionaire?”
8.00 “Horizon” news program
8.15 Sl. “Lalola”
9.20 Autoparade
10.00 “Horizon” news program
10.15 Laureus
12.00 “Horizon” news program
12.15 Children’s hour
12.30 Film “Charlotte’s web”
14.20 “Vervartsner in the family” 2007/08
15.00 “Horizon” news program
15.15 “Vervartsner in the family” 2007/08
15.45 New Year Program 2007-2008
17.00 “Horizon” news program
17.20 World Contest of Jugglers
17.50 Astghik-celebration concert
19.30 Vervartsner in the family” 2008/09
20.50 “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Special Cast 1
22.20 New Year Program 2008/09, part 1
23.50 New Year Speech of Garegin the Second
23.55 New Year Speech of President of RA
0.00 New Year Beat
0.05 New Year Program 2008-2009, part 2

For additional information check the website: http://www.shanttv.com/

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Posted by zvart Yegavian on Saturday, July 14, 2012

Would it be possible to add Shant TV to Nilesat? It would be easier for viewers who do not or cannot have hotbird.

Azad-Hye: This is a very good suggestion. We will try to inform Shant TV management about it.

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