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One-day seminar in Armenology

A one-day seminar took place on Wednesday, September 12, for Mesrobian High School and Technical College teachers of Armenological subjects. The topic of the seminar was: "The importance and methods of teaching Armenian language and history."
The seminar kicked off with the opening words of the Principal, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust. He asserted that next year's slogan will be "Let's preserve our Armenianness," taking into consideration the fact that the Armenians of the Diaspora face the challenge of preserving the Armenian language, history, culture and values. Mr. Kaloust stressed that the Armenological subjects are the backbone of every Armenian school’s mission.
The first speaker of the seminar, Mrs. Shaghig Khudaverdian, introduced the possibility to instruct according to students' unique abilities and needs. Mrs. Khudaverdian said that all students have the aptitude to learn and teachers should implement a corresponding instruction method to accomplish the objective.
Then, Mr. Aram Karadaghlian discussed the topic of time management. He mentioned that proper time management increases productivity, enhances efficiency and guarantees success.
The third speaker of the day was Ms. Taline Ordoghlian, who presented "Methods and approaches to Armenian language teaching." She provided practical examples about language instruction styles. She emphasized on the necessity of using various methods during each session, to make the subject comprehensible to every student.
At the end of the one-day seminar, Mr. Raffi Demirdjian, coordinator of the Armenological subjects at the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School, thanked all three speakers, whose efforts promoted this initiative. Mr. Demirdjian said that Armenological subject instruction is not solely about teaching a language or history, but also about implanting Armenian discipline, national consciousness and character building.

Source: Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School & Technical College, Bourj Hammoud, Arax Str, Beirut, Lebanon.
(Newsletter: issue no. 150, 22 September 2012)

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