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Holy Mass in BahrainAzad-Hye Special
Although the majority of the Armenians in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries live mainly in Kuwait, Sharjah-Dubai and Abu Dhabi, nevertheless, the Armenians in Bahrain and Qatar have recently stepped up their efforts to organize themselves in these two relatively new settlements in the region.
The Prelacy of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf Countries, based in Kuwait City, extends its jurisdiction over all the Armenians in the region, except Saudi Arabia, where law does not allow organized Christian communities. Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates have been the most tolerant towards non-Muslim communities. It is worth mentioning that Qatar and Bahrain have recently staged several religious seminars on topics such as dialogue and relationship between religions, especially Islam and Christianity. Only few days ago the first ever Church has been inaugurated in Qatar.
The number of Armenians in Bahrain has always been small. Bahrain is a well-known financial center in the Arabian Gulf, but with fewer natural resources than other GCC countries. Due to this restraining factor, the number of Armenians in Bahrain is not expected to increase in the coming years. At the time being there are some 10 Armenian families in Bahrain. Only few of them have been living there for several decades, while others are constantly in move.
Due to the limited number of the Armenians in Bahrain, there has never been any organized community life in the Kingdom. Bahrain connects with neighboring Saudi Arabia through a 25 kilometers long bridge. On the Saudi side (Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia), huge petroleum producing and processing industries exist. Aramco for instance has its base in Dhahran. About 70-80 Armenians live in the region (in locations such as Khobar, Dammam and Dhahran, all within easy reach between each other). Due to the restrictive life in Saudi Arabia and the scarceness of entertainment options, most of the Armenians there (like many other expatriates who work in the same area) have adopted a lifestyle, according to which they spend their weekends in the neighboring Bahrain.
As law forbids visit of Christian clergy to Saudi Arabia, it has always been a challenge to cater the spiritual needs of the Armenians in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. As a solution, whenever His Grace Archbishop Dr. Goriun Babian (the Catholicosal Representative of the Diocese of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf countries) visits Bahrain, he uses the opportunity to ask both Bahraini and Khobar Armenians to attend the Holy Mass conducted in Bahrain.
One of the leading personalities in the Bahrain Armenian community is Adrine Khachadourian, who is known – throughout her 30 years presence in Bahrain – as a very competent person, gifted in administrative and public relations, with strong networking skills. In 2004 she facilitated the first ever Armenian Holy Mass in Bahrain, which was conducted in the Anglican Church. The scene was recently repeated on 15th February 2008, in the same location, but with the presence of many new members.
Archbishop Babian conducted the Holy Mass and delivered a sermon, after which he performed a requiem service asking peace for the souls of the deceased. Rev. Aram Deyirmenjian, Parish Priest of the Armenian Community in the UAE, coordinated the liturgical prayers, while Vartan Deacon Avedissian, an Armenians based now in Khobar, served the altar.
In his sermon, Archbishop Babian highly praised the strength and the warmth of the belief of the Bahrain and Khobar Armenians, a fact that has enabled the materialization of this recent visit in a very unique atmosphere. He highlighted Adrine Khachadourian's role in the society as a caring mother who has undertaken a great role in the community life.
Some 50 Armenians from Khobar joined the Bahrain Armenians in this ceremony. The moment was touchy as many of them has not attended religious services for a long time, sometimes for several years. They expressed their feelings of satisfaction and gratification for the carried effort. Another personality worth mentioning is Setrag Dakessian, a Khobar Armenian. Archbishop Babian praised the long time community service of the later.
Following the Holy ceremony, almost all the members attended a reception in the British Club, where the warm and friendly atmosphere eventually evolved to a festive one, including many patriotic songs, combined with toasts and wishes for a better community life.
The attendants were very satisfied and they expressed their thanks to Archbishop Babian for his initiative, but wished that such events took place at least twice a year.
Sources: Prelacy of Kuwait and Arabian Gulf Counties, Azad-Hye, Gulf published media.
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Rev. Aram Deyirmenjian, Parish Priest of the Armenian
Community in the UAE, coordinates the liturgical prayers
Adrine Khachadourian accepts the Holy Communion
Archbishop Dr. Goriun Babian addresses the
members gathered in the "British Club"
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Posted on Saturday, March 15, 2008 (20359 reads), comments: 5
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Posted by Panos Balian on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank you Azad-Hye for always posting such unique and important events, which are organized by our community Executive Councils, committees, or even individuals (as in this case).

We should commend His Grace Archbishop Goriun Babian and Father Aram Dekermendjian for their benevolent services and last but not least to our fellow Armenians living in Bahrain and KSA for attending this special event.

I'm happy to see dear Garo and Kathy Mekhchavakians attending the Holy Mass as well.

Warm regards,

Panos Balian - Abu Dhabi

Posted by Krikor Kukeyan on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Krikor Kukeyan from the Old City of Jeusalem, just joined the InterContinental Regency in Bahrain a couple of months ago, as Executive Assitant Manager.

I have been with InterContinental for the last ten years, in Jericho Palestine, Doha Qatar, and Libreville Gabon.

I'm here along with my little family, my wife Nektar and son Hagop.

Would very much appreciate advising if there are any Armenians or an Armenian Community in Bahrain.

Thanks & Regrds,

Krikor Kukeyan

Executive Assistant Manager




PO BOX 777
King Faisal Highway
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


Tel:                + 973  17227777               

Direct Tel:  +973 17208341
Direct Fax: +973 17210335

Mobile:      +973 39478068
Email:  krikor.kukeyan@icbahrain.com


Posted by Ani Gabriel-Carbonel on Saturday, July 26, 2008

Parev Amenoon / Hello All,

I was delighted to fall upon this website. I have been living in Riyadh the past year with my family and was in Muscat before that. We often drive over to Bahrain for the weekend, so I would very much appreciate it if someone could inform me of events / masses / etc., that are taking place in Bahrain.

Warmest Regards,

Ani Gabriel-Carbonel
Cell    +966 556 479 613
Home  +966 1248 3366
Skype U.S. Local +469 619 0949
Skype name anniegabriel
Eid Villas 90F
PO Box 92851
RIYADH 11663
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Posted by Hagop Yakoubian on Monday, June 21, 2010

Parev Polorin,

My ame is Hagop Yakoubian. I am from Aleppo, Syria, but now I started to work in Bahrain. Nearly 3 months I am here and I don't know any Armenians... So I would like to meet some Armenians...

My no: 36468704

Posted by anoushka haigaz dedeyan on Friday, August 06, 2010

Բարեւ բոլոր հայերուն

I am Anoushka from Egypt. I will be working in Kingdom of Bahrain very soon, maybe by October 2010.

I would like to get in touch with any Armenian living there. I am a family physician. My email address is anou511[@]yahoo.com

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