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Celebrating Vartanants in Kuwait



Azad-Hye Special

The Vartanants holiday always coincides with Thursday. It is an ecclesiastical and of course a national holiday.
According to an old tradition, all our schools and establishments remain closed on that day and a holy mass is performed in all Armenian churches.

On 19 February 2009, at 6 pm,  there was a public worship at Kuwait’s Saint Vartanants Armenian Church, where the main speaker was the Catholicosal Vicar of the Diocese of Kuwait and Arabian Gulf Countries His Eminence Archbishop Dr. Goriun Babian.

After the ceremony the salt blessing took place. Later- in the church yard- the sacrificed sheep were blessed in front of a big number of attending believers.

Following an old tradition and soon when the ceremony was over, everyone took his or her own share of the blessed salt before heading back home.

Now it was the Church Women Committee’s turn. They worked so hard the whole day, in order  to make the sacrifice offering ready and proper.

On Friday the 20 February 2009, a special Holy Mass, dedicated to the memory of  the Saint s of the Vartanants was performed.

Again, the main speaker was the Catholicosal Vicar, who, after a brief historical remark, narrated the story of the Vartanants battle and emphasized the idea, that because of them today we exist as Christians and we are regenerated again and again in our struggle to exist. He called everyone to listen to the voices of our ancestors and to live with their souls. Afterwards, he asked the attendants to be the followers of the New Testament principles.

He pointed  out that we should all attend church on Sundays and send our children to Armenian schools and provide them the real healthy atmosphere, helping them thus to become great warriors of our nation one day. He also emphasized that we should exert all our efforts to keep the Armenian language alive, since through it we first read God’s words. 

Later was the sacrifice blessing, after which, all the attendants received their share and went home feeling content and full of faith.

May all your vows come true.

Translated by N.M. from the Aztarar bulletin of the Armenian Diocese of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf Countries, number 08, 27 February 2009

Women Committee prepares the sacrifice

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