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On 25 September 2009 a meeting was held in the building of the Armenian Prelacy of Kuwait, with the participation of representatives of all active religious, national, social and sports organizations in the community.   

During the meeting, which was presided by Archbishop Dr. Goriun Babian, the Catholicosal Vicar of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf Countries, the recent message of His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of Cilicia to President Serzh Sargysan, on Armenian – Turkish negotiations, was read.

The participants listened also to a Joint Declaration issued by the Lebanese branches of the three Armenian traditional parties (Dashnaktsutyun, Hunchak and Ramgavar) on the same topic.

All representative of the Armenian organizations and entities in Kuwait expressed their deep concern about the pre-signed protocols between Armenia and Turkey, which were circulated on 31 August 2009. 

An Open Letter was issued as a result of this meeting, addressed to the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. The letter was forwarded to Vahagn Melikian, the Ambassador of Armenia in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, with the request to deliver it to the Prime Minister of Armenia, to the Foreign Minister and to the Speaker of the National Assembly. 

The Open Letter refers to the “dangerous policy of compromise” regarding the Armenian lawful demands in relation with Western Armenia and the Armenian Genocide.  

It underlines the belief that “the acceptance and implementation of these protocols which were forced upon our people, will lead to disastrous consequences on the unity of the nation and on the course of establishing our rights, on legal and practical grounds”.

The Letter says that the signing of the protocols therefore is considered “unacceptable” and equals to doing "deliberate mistake against the collective interests of our people”.

The Letter introduces several major points of disagreement. It underlines that the signing of the protocols means abandoning the national struggle and the decades-long achievements, which were the results of tremendous sacrifices. By accepting these protocols, the Letter argues, we put under doubt the Armenian Genocide. We are also abandoning our rights for compensation and land reparation. We are ignoring the right for self-determination, a step that can endanger the future of Karabakh.

The Letter ends with a reminder that the Armenians are not against the opening of the borders between the two countries and the establishment of diplomatic relations, but “for the sake of good neighborhood, the common interests of our nation in relation with our existence should not be victimized”

Finally, the Letter asks the President to revise the protocols “in the name of the rights of current and future Armenian generations and in defence of the legal cause”.

The letter is signed by Archbishop Goriun Babian and representatives of the Legislative and Executive Councils, Board of Trustees of the Armenian School, Armenian General Athletic Union, Armenian Relief Society, Spiritual Brotherhood of the Armenian Apotolic Church, Ladies' Committee of Vartanants Saints Armenian Church. 

A follow-up gathering will take place on 09 October 2009 with the slogan "We reject the Turkish preconditions, we reject the Turkey - Armenia Protocols".  

The Open Letter in Armenian

Note: A similar letter was issued in Sharjah in the name of the Legislative and Executive Council members in the United Arab Emirates. However, the UAE Armenian representatives did not convene any meeting before issuing their Open Letter. This leads us to assume that the representatives were contacted by telephone (some may argue that there was no need to contact them, as the Open Letter was forwarded from the Kuwait meeting and would have been circulated anyway). Our view is that, in crucial moments like the one we are experiencing now, we should not ignore the democratic practices that give more sense and credibility to our expressions.

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