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Adiss Harmandian

Adiss HarmandianArmenian pop singer, born in 1945 in Beirut, Lebanon but now residing in Los Angeles with his family. He is a pioneer of Armenian pop songs internationally (known as Armenian "estradayin" music).

He has been a great song writer and composer who still travels all around the world keeping the Armenian pop songs alive.


Aida Sargsyan

Aida SargsyanOne of the famous and most favorite singers in Armenian folk and pop music. Her repertoire is very rich. She has songs about homeland, about mothers and love songs. Her latest new CD album entitled “Veradardz” (Return) includes 10 new songs. It was released in 2006. Click to hear three songs from this album.


Alla Levonian
Alla LevonianAlla Levonian was born in 1975 in the Avshar village in Ararat valley Armenia. In 1997-1999 she has participated in Ayo annual awards with her authorized song Hayastan Es em (I am) and Hoy-Nar songs and three years constantly became a winner.

Alla Levonian mostly performs her authorized songs she is the author of both the music and lyrics as well as she performs folk songs with her own interpretation. Alla has had great many recitals and concerts in Armenia Artsakh and the Diaspora.

Click here for the official website.

Ani Christy
Ani ChristyAni Martirosyan or simply Ani Christy was born in 1986. She is an honored graduate of Emma Tsaturyan's Vocal Centre. In 2002, Ani Christy won a Silver Krunk at Krunk Annual Music Festival. The same year, her song Karot brought her the title of the Best Singer of the Year at Sayat Nova Annual Music Awards. She released her first CD album entitled “Three Dots” in 2007 with 13 songs. The three songs here are from that album.

Anoush and Inga Arshakian

Anoush and IngaAnoush and Inga Arshakian initially started with the Armenian State Song Theater and later presented Armenian ethno-folk songs in modern arrangements. The music saves the traditional melodies and adds a beautiful modern twist to them.

2 tracks from their latest album "Tamzara" plus the 2009 Eurovision contest song on behalf of Armenia.  


Ara Gevorgian

Ara GevorgianAra Gevorgian was born in 1960 in Yerevan (Armenia). He studied at Armenian pedagogical institute (named after Khatchadour Apovian) at the faculty of wood wide instruments and pop music department. Since 1983 plays in "Rally" band. He participated in a series of festivals. In 1995 he released his first album "Ovkianosits Ayn Koghm" (Over the ocean).

Other albums: "Nostalgie", "Ani", "Khor Virab", etc.

In 2004 he was awarded the title of Honorary Actor of the Republic of Armenia.

Ara Gevorgian's website


Armine Grigorian
Kanon virtuoso brings the performing to the unimaginable level. This is truly showcase for the instrument.


Charles Aznavour

Charles AznavourCharles Aznavour was born Shahnour Varenagh Aznavourian in Paris, the son of Armenian immigrants. He began to perform when he was nine and soon took the stage name Aznavour. His big break came when the singer Édith Piaf heard him sing and arranged to take him with her on tour in France and to the United States. Often described as the "Frank Sinatra of France", Aznavour sings mostly about love. He has written musicals and more than a thousand songs, made more than one hundred records, and appeared in sixty movies.

Slideshow of Charles Aznavour's concert in Yerevan (2006), prepared by Kevork Minasian, Aleppo.

Charles Aznavour's website


Datevik Hovanesian
Jazz singer, educator, recording artist, and arranger. Datevik has appeared in every musical setting up to full big band. Datevik also specializes in ethnic and folk music arranging and singing ethnic and ethno-jazz songs.

Five solo Albums: Listen to My Heart (SONY/EPIC), Ballads From the Black Sea (Mapleshade), Doors (Melodia), Day Dream (Melodia), Concerto for Voice and Orchestra (Melodia).

She has also recorded over 100 pop and jazz singles as well as recordings for TV shows, theatre and movies, animations and commercials.

Dzovinar Boghossian
Dzovinar BoghossianDzovinar Boghossian Lebanese Armenian singer, currently living in Yerevan.

"Breathe Ani" is the title of her CD (2007). "Im Ani" (My Ani) is a song about the ruins of ancient capital of Armenia. The main scenes of the video clip are shot in Western Armenia, in the area surrounding The Ani Cathedral. Other songs are Yerneg ays nor darin (Hopefully in this new year), Zartir vortiag (Wake up son), etc.

Gorgen Zargarian
Gorgen ZargarianGlendale based Iranian Armenian singer.
Born in 1951 in Iran.
On the weekends, he is the host of "Gorgen Show", where he interviews Persian and Armenian personalities, shows footage of Iran and sings in his own pop music videos.
Zargarian has one CD titled "Gofteh Goo," which is Farsi for "Conversation." Zargarian plans to compile more than 40 of his songs onto three CDs.
For more information about "Gorgen Show," visit www.gorgenshow.com.


HaykoWas trained in music at the Chukhadjian Music School and Romanos Melikian Music College. Attended Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory.
In 1999 recorded his first DC (Romance). Was awarded as the Best Male Singer at the 2003 and 2006 Armenian National Music Awards.
In "Romance" he recreates Armenian love songs from the 70's - 90's with a great feel. See four samples. 
Hayko's website.


Jirayr Trtrian
Kessab in 1960sA performer of folklore Kessab songs. Kessab is an Armenian-populated town and surrounding villages in Northwestern Syria. The special dialect of the Kessabtsiz is somehow preserved up to these days, although the modern generation uses standard Western Armenian. Trtrian has preserved some of the traditional songs and has also written some of his own songs. He appears in weddings and other occasions. He is originally from Chakaljokh village.

Jivan Gasparyan

Jivan Gasparian(born 1928): Armenian musician and composer. He plays the duduk, an Armenian woodwind instrument related to the orchestral oboe. He has won four world-wide gold Medal UNESCO competitions (1959, 1962, 1973, and 1980). A professor at the Yerevan Conservatory, he has instructed and nurtured many performers to professional levels of performance in duduk.

In 2002, he received the WOMEX (World Music Expo) lifetime achievement award. He has toured the world several times with a small ensemble playing Armenian folk music. He has collaborated with many artists, such as Hossein Alizadeh, Sting, Erkan Ogur, Michael Brook, Peter Gabriel, Brian May, Lionel Richie, Derek Sherinian and Hans Zimmer.

He performed in Abu Dhabi during WOMAD festival, 23-25 April 2009


Karen Sargsyan
Karen Sargsyan has been living and creating in France for almost twelve years now. He sings and plays only in Armenian. He has moved to France from Armenia in 1999. Karen's songs stand out, because he is one of the few artists, who are able to spread the Armenian spirit amongst the Armenian community members there.

Kevork Madarian
Kevork MadarianKevork Madarian lives in Beirut, Lebanon. He performs in social gatherings. He visited UAE in 2010 and performed on the New Year Eve in Dubai at the Armenian Community event.

Kevork Sioufi
Kevork SioufiA young Syrian Armenian singer who released his first album "Shaptsur ints" (Spoil me) in November 2009. Sioufi resides in Abu Dhabi (UAE) since 2001. He is preparing now for other albums, including one with his own lyrics. 

Komitas: The founder of Armenian classical music

KomitasKomitas is the founder of Armenian national school of musical composition. He freed Armenian music from foreign influences and was the first to prove the Armenian nation have its own music. Being a profound expert of national music, Komitas created an original synthesis of Armenian monodic (one-voice) thinking and European polyphony that has endured to the present. He collected and wrote down thousands of folksongs, studied church and folk music considering them to be “siblings” (Website). This collection is by State Academic Choir of Armenia, conductor Hovhannes Tchekidjian.


Levon Tevanyan
Levon TevanyanArmenian woodwind masterpieces by Levon Tevanyan (blul, shvi, av shvi and zurna), accompanied by Varazdat Hovhanisyan (duduk) and Robert Durunts (dhol). Recorded in Yerevan. Name of the album "Horovel" (traditional work songs of Armenia). We selected two pieces "Shorora" and "Armenian Folk Dance".

Maria Nalbandian
Maria Nalbandian in Dubai
Armenian-Lebanese singer Maria Nalbandian released her latest album "W'regeat thani" in 2006. Maria is born in 1983 and began her career as a model when she was 13 years old. Her mother is a poet and father a singer. 
"W'regeat thani" has 10 tracks which alternate between crossover pop and melodious ballads. We have chosen 3 tracks (including the only Armenian track in the collection).


Norair Kazandjian
Norair KazandjianNorair Kazandjian is a known name within the circles of the Armenians in the United Arab Emirates.
Born in the Latakia, Syria, he has been blessed with parents who deeply comprehend the value of music and arts. After High School he moves to Aleppo to study in the Medical University, but, in the meanwhile, discovers that the world of music is close to his heart. He manages to follow lessons on guitar, piano and reciting.
His repertoire includes, besides Armenian, songs in foreign languages.
He has produced 9 CDs & audio cassettes and has been invited to perform in many Armenian communities. He has composed the music of some of his unique songs (words by poets Yervant Barsoumian and Paren Hovsepian).


Roupen Hakhverdian
Popular Armenian poet,singer, songwriter and lyricist. The song "Navak" is his most famous children's song. "Mer Siro Ashune" (Autumn of Our Love) is one of Armenia's best known romantic songs. "Sa Erevann e", i.e. This is Yerevan, is becoming the unofficial hymn of the city.

Roupen Matevossian
Roupen MatevossianTwo of the most known songs of famous Armenian singer Roupen Matevossian.

Serge Bedrossian

Serge BedrossianSerge Bedrossian is an author, composer and interpret, who sings popular songs in different languages: French, English, Armenian and Arabic.

His musical style reflects an eventual influence typically Armenian and others: Arabic, Italian, European and American. He is a talented artist, a Baryton-Basse voice very rich and sensual. His presence on the stage impresses his auditors.


Sevag Bedourian
Sevag BedourianSyrian Armenian singer, originally from Kessab. Is invited to entertain in Armenian social events and parties in Middle East countries. He has a two volume CD album called Love and Song (Սէր ու երգ), arranged and recorded by Garo Keklikian. Cover photo and design by Studio Baykar in Aleppo, Syria. Click the link to listen to 2 songs from the album (volume II).

Sonya Varoujian
Sonya VaroujianSonya Varoujian has been involved in music from a very early age. Born to parents who both enjoy singing and performing, her memories of childhood have always included music.
Sonya plays guitar, sings, and composes her own music and lyrics in both Armenian and English. Her music is an expression of the soul – a celebration of life, love, and homeland. She believes music is a gateway that allows people to share and experience truth and emotions that are normally left untapped.

My Space Music


The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra
The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra performing pieces from Armenian composers.
Conductor: Edward Hosharian.
Date of release: 1983
Selected song titles: Triumph (Zartir-lao), Yerevan-Erebuni and Sartarabad.

The London Symphonic Orchestra

Conductor: Aram Khachadurian himself.

The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is one of the major orchestras of the United Kingdom. The LSO was founded in 1904 as an independent, self governing organization, the first such orchestra in the UK. Since 1982, the LSO has been based in London's Barbican Centre.

Clive Gillinson, a former cellist with the orchestra, served as the LSO's Managing Director from 1984 to 2005, and is widely credited with bringing great stability to the LSO's organization after severe fiscal troubles. Since 2005, Kathryn McDowell is the Managing Director of the LSO.


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