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Efkere: Armenian town in Anatolia
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Dedicated to the little Armenian town of Efkere in central Anatolia, Turkey, this website is created by Dr. Jonathan Varjabedian in memory of his grandfather Garabed Kojaian.

"Preserving the history of Efkere" is the mission of this website.

Dr. Varjabedian writes: "As the years pass, and as one generation gives way to the next, our collective knowledge of the villages of our forefathers slips slowly away. It is my sincerest hope that this web site will provide a forum to share information about Efkere, Turkey, a village in central Anatolia.

The information presented in this web site has been obtained from several sources: First-person written accounts, interviews with former residents of the village, Arshag Alboyadjian's 1937 book entitled Badmootiun Hye Gesaria, as well as other literary sources which are credited in the site. I am also indebted to people all over the world who have written to me with valuable input after having seen this web site".

Efkere is located approximately 18 kilometers northeast of Kayseri (Gesaria), Turkey. The exact origins of Efkere are unclear. It is known that the monastery located in this village, Surp Garabed, dates from at least the 12th century, and some Armenians hold that the monastery was founded by St. Thaddeus in the 1st century. Others believe that the village was founded by St. Gregory the Illuminator, who is said to have rested here when traveling from Caesarea to Armenia at the beginning of the fourth century.

We believe that Dr. Jonathan Varjabedian has done a great job in creating this website. Preserving the memory of the forefathers and passing on the knowledge of the place to newer generation is an enormous task that every honest Armenian should do it, in one way or another.
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Hamshen Armenians online resource
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The official website of the Armenian Patriarchate in Istanbul (Constantinople).

The webiste is rich in religious, community and social news, updated frequently.

The language used in the website is Armenian. No English section is available.

Generally speaking the website is a necessary introduction to Armenian Community life in Turkey.
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