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Ararat Center for Strategic Research
Posted By: Moderator

Ararat CenterThe aims of "Ararat" Center for Strategic Research are as follows:

1. to analyze the developments in the international political arena affecting Armenia's interests and, based on those findings, to define the needs and demands of its national security;

2. to be of use to both decision-makers and the society at large by exploring the unique circumstances relating to Armenia's security and its priorities in all detail and with scrutiny;

3. to neutralize the anti-Armenian propaganda launched internationally by Azerbaijan and Turkey by means of regularly increasing the international community's awareness of Armenia's and Nagorno-Karabakh's positions presented to foreign audiences in the most comprehensible way; More...

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Noravank Foundation
Posted By: Moderator

Noravank Foundation logoNoravank Foundation was established in 2001 with an aim to conduct strategic researches and at present is one of the most important Armenian based "think tank" institutions.

Special attention is paid to the researches of informational security. From the practical standpoint the Foundation studies the problems connected with the Armenian communities The experts of Noravank Foundation analyze geopolitical processes and advance theories in the context of political, informational, communicational and energetic security, which make a basis for well-grounded forecasts on regional development processes.

The Foundation also carries out an educational program with an aim to inform young researchers about up-to-date ideas in social and political sciences.

Noravank publishes three-language issue of "21st Century" and "Noravank Foundation Bulletin". More than 100 publications and special issues have been published up till now.

You can get better acquainted with the activities carried out by Noravank Foundation through its website (www.noravank.am).

Address: G. Njdeh Street 23/1, Yerevan 0026, Armenia, 
Phone: +37410 44-38-46
For any question mail to website editor:

Read also:

A meeting in Noravank Foundation

Azad-Hye has strong ties with Noravank Foundation.

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Research on Armenian Architecture
Posted By: Moderator

The purpose of Research on Armenian Architecture (RAA) NGO is to investigate and document Armenian architectural monuments located outside the borders of the present-day Republic of Armenia, i.e. in Cilicia and Historical Armenia (most of the latter’s territory has formed part of its neighbouring countries since World War I), as well as in the adjacent countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and the historical Armenian Diaspora. The organization also has the objective of presenting the Armenian society and international community publications on them.

The problem is the same everywhere: it is necessary to take photographs of the monuments and have them fixed onto maps, thus saving them at least on paper before their final annihilation. With this goal in mind, RAA started research about 30 years ago in an area larger than the present-day Republic of Armenia, the entire work being carried out by a few devotees who had to confine themselves to the highly limited financial means they had at their disposal, being sometimes obliged to face rather dangerous conditions.

RAA Organization has unfolded its activity since the late 1960s. RAA Germany was established in 1982. RAA USA was established in 1996. RAA Armenia was established in 1998.
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The Civilitas Foundation
Posted By: Moderator

Civilitas FoundationThe Civilitas Foundation was founded in 2008 by Vartan Oskanian, who had served as Armenia's foreign minister for ten years, since 1998. Civilitas - 'the citizen's responsibility to society' - aims at encouraging the development of democracy and civil society in Armenia by engaging in public discourse on the most pressing issues challenging our nation, while simultaneously leveraging resources for the socio-economic development of the more remote regions of the country. Current projects on foreign relations, democracy, development, and forthcoming initiatives on the environment, media and education can be viewed at www.civilitasfoundation.org
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