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Armenian program of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
Posted By: Moderator

Every day from 5.00 until 6.00 pm (local Cyprus time), the "Second Program" of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) broadcast in Armenian language, covering health, literature, religion and other subjects. The programs are enriched by "Children's Corner", three Press News (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) and Armenian music.

The programs of the last 5 days could be accessed online here.

Added on: 8/14/2010 , Hits:805
Armenian Pulse Radio & Entertainment
Posted By: Moderator

The largest source of Armenian entertainment providing the best Armenian music 24/7, Armenian music videos, Armenian MP3 Downloads, Armenian events, Exclusive Armenian Interviews and Armenian Artist profiles. 

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Armenian Radio Hour in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Posted By: Moderator

A local radio show based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the show went live on May 28,1978 with original host Ohan Balian and has steadily served listeners for over 30 years. The radio broadcast out of McMaster University every Sunday morning at 10 AM (Eastern Time), offering a show consisting of Armenian music, culture, international and community news. The show is currently hosted by father/daughter team, Hagop and Nairi.

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Armenian Radio of Boston
Posted By: Moderator

The weekly, bilingual broadcast of the Armenian Radio of Boston kept for many years the Armenian listeners informed of all vital Armenian news and events both in Armenia and Diaspora.

Tune in to the week’s program by visiting the website.

Added on: 2/13/2009 , Hits:1585
Armenian Voice of Lebanon
Posted By: Moderator

Internet radio based in Lebanon catering for Armenian and non-Armenian contemporary music and trends. The station is developing different new programs such as interviews with singers, etc.

Added on: 12/24/2010 , Hits:929
Azad-Hye Internet Radio
Posted By: Moderator

Since 2008 Azad-Hye has introduced its internet radio channels, starting from the main one and adding more and more specialized channels every year. Currently we have the following channels:

Main Channel

Poetry Channel

Channel dedicated to the Armenian Genocide

Channel dedicated to the First Republic

Send your song to add to the list.

Added on: 6/12/2010 , Hits:831
Bashde: Internet's first Armenian Christian radio
Posted By: Moderator

Bashde logoBashde’s goal is to broadcast Armenian Christian music and songs. It started in early 2007. It encourages emerging Armenian Christian artists through promoting their new creative songs.

Added on: 5/6/2008 , Hits:1392
Radio Gayane from France
Posted By: Luiza

Radio Gayane broadcasts Armenian and contemporary music of CD quality, 24 hours a day on the internet.
The website offers also video clips, photo gallery, collection of Armenian links and news. 
Added on: 7/4/2007 , Hits:1300
Radio Nayiri in Cyprus
Posted By: Moderator

SDHP (Hunchak Party) Cyprus Executive Committee launched online radio station RADIO NAYIRI in May 2011.  
Radio Nayiri will serve the community by promoting Armenian music and Events.
You can listen Radio Nayiri 24 hours a day by visiting www.radionayiri.com
Added on: 5/13/2011 , Hits:793
Radio Sevan from Beirut, Lebanon
Posted By: Moderator

Radio SevanRadio Sevan started broadcasting in 2007. At first, music was the primary source of entertainment with news intervals. Soon the range of programs increased to include cultural, political and educational shows, event coverage, etc. In May 2008 due to political turmoil in Beirut the radio station was burned down. The new facility is located in the Mar Mkheyel area of Beirut, adjacent to its music store. Other radio stations in Beirut include Voice of Van and AVOL.

Added on: 12/24/2010 , Hits:1936
Radio Voice of Van in Beirut, Lebanon
Posted By: Moderator

The main radio station of the Armenian community in Lebanon. Broadcasts out from Bourdj Hammoud neighbourhood in Greater Beirut. Affiliated to ARF. Variety of programs, covering almost all aspects of Armenian life. Interesting also for Armenians living in other countries. Has limited Arabic programs. The archives are well organized (available here) and downloadable. Other radio's in Lebanon include Radio Sevan, AVOL.

Added on: 12/24/2010 , Hits:1791
Radio YAN
Posted By: Moderator

Internet radio based in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon, with listeners all around the world. The radio has 3 channels: 1) Complete Armenian songs, 2) Armenian patriotic songs and 3) Greek channel for Greek music lovers. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArmenianRadioYan

Added on: 4/4/2012 , Hits:2234
Yerevan Nights Internet Radio Station
Posted By: Moderator

A popular internet radio site.

You can follow the program on daily basis through the schedule, where you can see the playing song and other songs waiting to be played.

Artists section has an alphabetical list of many artists. You can choose songs to dedicate it to friends and they will be displayed in the schedule in due course.

Video clips section has a collection of video clip samples from recent works.

Bios section is small but is getting bigger with additional biographies of famous Armenian artists.

Enjoy listening to the online radio.

Text by Azad-Hye.
Added on: 1/22/2006 , Hits:1595
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