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Catholicosate of Cilicia
Posted By: Moderator

The spiritual heritage of the Armenian Church and the historical memory of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia have shaped the mission of the Catholicosate, which today embraces various dimensions and spheres of the life of the Armenian people.
Added on: 10/29/2005 , Hits:1351
Evangelical Emmanuel Church / Chanitz
Posted By: Moderator

A blog created by 3 members of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church Christian Endeavor Association (Chanitz) in Beirut, Lebanon. The blog has several other participants and assistants. It provides selective articles on different social, national and religious topics. 


Added on: 5/6/2008 , Hits:1372
Lebanese Armenian Singer Hratch Gaydzagian
Posted By: Moderator

Hratch Gaydzagian performs mainly in Armenian (cultural, national, country, folkloric and love songs). Besides Armenian he entertains the crowd in Arabic, English, Greek, Spanish and Italian languages.

He is well known throughout the Armenian Diaspora and has been to all the major countries where Armenian communities exist.

Discography: 1- "Siro vokin" (1996), 2- "Tou insts ches hishoum" (1999), 3- "Miasin enk" (2004)
Added on: 1/13/2006 , Hits:1498
Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian College
Posted By: Vicken

Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian CollegeLevon and Sophia Hagopian College is the only Armenian Orthodox Secondary School in Bourj Hammoud (Beirut) which is the beating heart of the Lebanese Armenians.

Added on: 6/1/2007 , Hits:2196
Peter Manoukian's website
Posted By: Moderator

A website powered By Ositcom, a Lebanese web design company by web developer Peter Manoukian. The website provides a social network for people from a variety of political ideas and ideologies.

Added on: 11/5/2010 , Hits:1406
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