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Armenian Genocide Recognition Petition
Posted By: Moderator

Petition 1915
The 1,500,000 Signatures Petition campaign is the first of its kind on the long ‎history of the Internet. Never before has there been such a grassroots effort to collect such a large number of signatures. Our goal is to collect ‎‎1,500,000 signatures (the same number of the Armenians who lost their lives during the ‎Genocide) and send the petition to (1) the United Nations; (2) the ‎countries that still didnít recognize the Genocide; (3) and all major Human Rights ‎organizations around the world. To achieve our goal, we have created this website as the driving force for a massive email promotional campaign. Please sign ‎the petition and help promote it so that we may reach our lofty goals with this project.
Added on: 4/13/2007 , Hits:1425
Genocide Education Project
Posted By: Moderator

The Genocide Education Project is a nonprofit organization that assists educators in teaching about human rights and genocide particularly the Armenian Genocide by developing and distributing instructional materials providing access to teaching resources and organizing educational workshops.
Added on: 1/15/2007 , Hits:1547
Genocide Events
Posted By: Moderator

Genocide Events
Since April of 2003, GenocideEvents.com has undertaken the task of informing the general public, as a community service, of the events commemorating the Armenian Genocide.
The public is encouraged to attend the functions in their area of residence, watch Armenian Genocide video clips/flash presentation and reflect upon the horrors which fell upon the Armenian Nation and Armenian people in the beginning of the last century.
Added on: 4/6/2007 , Hits:1404
GenoPosts Website
Posted By: Moderator

GenopostsWe would like to inform you about launching a new resource-site for the Armenian Genocide. Absolutely free artworks are available there for all Armenians and organizations to use, in order to support their campaigns of recognition.
This site is a space for all creative Armenians to submit their expressions and fill up the site even more with useful materials (artworks) for even bigger options of resources for those who need to personalize their words or lectures about the Armenian Genocide.
GenoPosts.com Team
Contact e-mail.
Added on: 3/16/2007 , Hits:1170
In homage to our one million and half martyres
Posted By: Moderator

Memorial dedicaced to the victims of the Ottoman empire.

Rediscover the area where your parents were born and record the names of your family martyrs as an eternal remembrance.
Added on: 2/11/2006 , Hits:1832
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