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Austro-Armenian Portal MASIS
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Sections: Calendar of events in the Austrian - Armenian community (Vienna), list and contact details of the Armenian organizations in Austria, a great deal of downloadable announcements and circulars issued by different Armenian organizations (including the Embassy of Armenia, the weekly Armenian school Hovhannes Shiraz, etc.), photo gallery, Armenian language tools, selected Armenian links, page of basic information on Armenia, general archives, etc.
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Inside Europe
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INSIDE EUROPE ARMENIAN EUROPEAN WEBSITE Inside Europe is a public policy and resource centre specializing in EU policies which are relevant to the Armenian Diaspora and to Armenia.

This website's interests include how European integration affects the development of the Armenian Diaspora and other diasporas of Europe; the strengthening relationship between the EU and the Republic of Armenia; and the prospect for profound transformation which Turkey's status as a candidate for EU membership might offer.
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NET ARMENIE FRENCH ARMENIAN WEBSITE NetArménie is a portal (in French language) to the Armenian Diaspora in France and to its associations and media.
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Orer European Armenian Independent Magazine
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Orer European Armenian independent monthly magazine is published in Prague, Czech Republic, since 1999. The editor is Hakob Asatryan.
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Yevrobatsi Yevrobatsi (In French) (France) Yevrobatsi is a site where Armenian communities in Europe can come to discuss their thoughts on Turkey's ascension to the European Union, as well as other major issues of relevance.

There are a number of articles on the EU and Turkey, links to other Armenian organizations primarily in France, news, periodicals, events and much more. It's also an EU-related public forum in French for information and exchange of ideas on many global or regional issues affecting the twenty-first century.
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