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Pan-Armenian: Traditional political parties
Posted: Saturday, December 08, 2007
Panos Titizian from Los Angelos wrote about the ARF-Ramgavar joint conference which took place on 06 November 2007 in Ani Plaza Hotel in Yerevan describing it as a praiseworthy initiative.
"Certain sectors of the Armenian public opinion have the conviction, according to which our traditional parties were dividing factors, which separated us. But what happened in 06 November 2007 in Ani Plaza came to prove the contrary to the above mentioned mentality", said Titizian.
Read the complete article here (in Armenian / PDF format)
What do you think about the role of our traditional parties? What can they offer in present times?

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Comment 3

Levon Ter Petrosyan was/is the best candidate for presidency in 2008.

I read the same propaganda and un-thought statements regarding "almost perished nation", giving "Karabagh to Azerbaijan", a friend of Turkey, etc/..you will never understand Levon's political thinking and what the ordinary Armenian citizen saw in him from your hot and rich place in UAE, wake up spurkahay and smell the coffee, the time to write cliches and not talking about taboos has passed. LTP is one of the greatest political thinkers and leaders of post-Soviet modern day Armenian history. If you don't like him because of the usual worn-out Tashnag story (banning Tashnags from political environment, in fact Tro terror unit), that doesn't change realities.  

Yes, I vote for him in the current circumstances to lead TEMPORARILY the popular movement in Armenia to rid it from a vicious dictatorial antiquated regime.   

Posted by: vartan   on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comment 2

Suport Ter Petrosian ?!?

Support the man under whose leadership Armenia and Armenian nation almost perished!?!?! When Armenian became equivalent to the poorest counties in Africa  When people where dying from cold during the winters of early 90's whilst his cronies were selling fuel, candles etc at over inflated prices to the nation? When anarchy ruled Armenia, when factories, hospitals state assets where being robbed and nothing, absolutely nothing was being done to prevent this?

Support a candidate who was responsible for the 'White Genocide'? A man under whose leadership up to 1 million people left Armenia? A man that famously said 'let them go cause we can't afford them'?! When the role of the leader should have been to preserve the nation's human and physical assets, but the opposite was being done. Just like our ancestors in Diaspora who still have the wounds left from Turkish genocide, many Armenians from Armenia have the scars left from Ter Petrossian era.

How can you support a candidate who is strongly favored by Turkey (recently stated that Armenian opposition parties favored by Turkey have to be provided with as much financial backing as possible to help them win elections in Armenia as this would be the easiest, cheapest route in destabilizing Armenia) Support a man who was anti Diaspora, e.g. banning Dashnaks from political environment?  A man who wants to undercut Russia's influence in Armenia when it is with Russian military assistance the war was won in Karabakh, when Russia has been our strategic/military partner for over a  hundred years, when most of our trade is being conducted with Russia, when majority of Armenian Diaspora nowadays lives in Russia? Who will back Armenia in future conflicts (God forbid) NATO/USA (pro Turkey!!), EU (i.e. NATO).

Support a candidate who intends to give territories of Naghorno Karabakh back to Azerbaijan-  choosing the easy route to conflict resolution? Did he fight the war, did his children fight the war??! NO the war was won by the good, honorable man such as Monte Melkoyan (from USA), kids from average Armenian families whilst thugs and criminals like Levon where milking, draining the nation of everything there was valuable.

Support a man who is living in a palace worth millions of dollars in a prime location in Yerevan when his record of leadership suggests otherwise!!! Whose record in power has done nothing but left nasty marks/scars on minds and hearts of almost every Armenian? A leader who led the nation towards the path of destruction!

Why should the nation choose him again, based on what record? what achievements? future 'empty' promises? He had his chance, he failed miserably! He should have the courage, decency, integrity to leave politics for good, but the hunger for power/money/greed is too great!  

Posted by: Anter Petrosian   on Saturday, December 29, 2007

Comment 1

Support Levon Ter Petrosian as candidate for Armenian presidency in 2008


Posted by: September 21 website   on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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