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Iraqi Armenians: living in a dangerous place
Posted: Friday, May 04, 2007
A member of the Armenian community in Iraq said that since the launch of the military campaign by Coalition Forces in Iraq four years ago, the number of Armenians who have immigrated abroad did not exceed 3.000. According to him there were 18.000 Armenians in Iraq before the recent war and now only 15.000 remain in the country.
He mentioned that during the same period around 28 Armenians died as a result of political instability in Iraq, 25 of them returned to their families after paying a ransom. The fate of the two is still unknown, while the body of the third captive was returned to his family (see article here).
What do you think about the future of this community? Is it possible to continue living in a country where everyday threats are norm of life? Has the Armenian communities in the neighboring countries paid any attention to the suffering of their compatriotes in Iraq?
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Comment 2

I would be grateful if you help me with some information about Camp Al Alman in Baghdad.

When was it Settled?

Who built it?

Who offered the land to build it?



Posted by: Pius   on Friday, April 10, 2009

Comment 1

This is one subject which had triggered my interest since the invasion of Iraq. I must say that I really admire the courage and bravery of Armenians as well as all Iraqis living there. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring or whether your loved one would return home from shopping/market etc must be a nightmare…….   To this day I wonder how does the Armenian community of Iraq cope with all the sectarian problems which are destroying Iraq and communities living within? Unfortunately, Armenian news channels do not cover this subject well so that we can get the true picture of the plight of Armenian community in Iraq.

The article clearly shows the suffering Iraqi Armenians have gone through over the last few years. What I would like to know is whether the Iraqi government offers any security to protect the Armenian community, how do Armenians protect themselves from the violence, is there any assistance offered by Armenian government/Armenian embassy in Iraq or the Diaspora to address the issues of one but not least - kidnapped Armenians or even to accommodate and provide assistance to those that left Iraq and if there is anything the Diaspora can do to support (financially, materially, politically) the livelihood of Iraqi Armenians?

There are some 50 Armenian troops in Iraq, do they provide any security to the community? Are they based in areas populated by Armenians or spread across Iraq?

Knowing the current situation in Iraq, surely the Armenian government can make the necessary concession/exemption to the constitution and grant Iraqi Armenians dual citizenship rights so that these people can decide on how to get on with their lives?

Also, as the violence in Iraq continues, does the Iraqi community have any contingency plans as to what would happen if the violence spreads towards the Armenian areas of interest etc?

Have there been any recent developments on the kidnapped Armenians?

Socrat Arakelyan

Posted by: Socrat   on Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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