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Pan-Armenian: Embassy and Consulate related issues
Posted: Friday, May 02, 2008
Several hundred UAE Armenians and a number of senior foreign diplomats gathered to celebrate a new milestone in Armenia – UAE relations, the inauguration of the new Armenian Embassy building in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 12 December 2007.
The Armenian President was in UAE last time in 2002. After the long awaited visit, excitement and joy filled the Embassy's courtyard when the President's entourage approached the gates of the Embassy and building dedication ceremony commenced.
In a true custom expressing hospitality, the Armenian delegation was greeted with bread and salt, presented by young Armenians dressed in traditional attire. President Robert Kocharian was accompanied by Vartan Oskanian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Armenia.
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Comment 6

Dear armeninas in UAE, please help me find armenian lawyer in UAE. need urgent help and any advise.

Posted by: Armine   on Sunday, December 30, 2012

Comment 5

My name is A. Assaad currently in Egypt. I have a question linked to the above subject, that was posted by P.Z. Now that I hold the passport valid for 10 Years. In case applying for a visa for the USA in the US embassy in Egypt, is it possible to use my Armenian passport to have the US visa on it?

Reply by Azad-Hye: The 10 year permanent residency status passport is like a residence visa or permit with right to work and possess etc in Armenia and with the right of entering the country without visa for 10 years. It is not a complete passport for travel through international borders of third countries. For that purpose you need to apply to complete citizenship (according to the law of dual citizenship in Armenia).

Posted by: A.ASSAAD   on Saturday, December 24, 2011

Comment 4

Good Morning Sir I would like to inquiries about the Visa to Armenia . I got an invitation Letter and contract in order to come and apply for Visa for Armenia embassy . I am staying in Dubai but I am native from Ivory Coast (Cote d ivoire) in West Africa. I would like to know how many working days it will take to issue the Visa? and Which Documents do you need for Visa application? Your prompt reply will be appreciated ! Best Regards Fulgence 050 108 8096

Posted by: Fulgence   on Sunday, October 02, 2011

Comment 3

My name is P.Z., I'm 23 years and currently live in Egypt.

I have Armenian Special Residency Status under the form of the Armenian Passport, valid for 10 years.

I am going to travel to Italy soon and I wanted to visit someone I know in Armenia.

My question is: Can I use this Armenian passport to book a ticket to Armenia while I am in Italy and also use that Armenian passport like a visa to travel to Armenia from Italy?

Response from Azad-Hye: The Special Residency Status which is granted to Armenians living abroad, can be used as visa to Armenia only. It is understood that you need Schengen visa on your Egyptian passport in order to travel to Italy. From Italy you can travel to Armenia using the Special Residency Status as visa, but in all cases you need to show your Egyptian passport to the passport control authorities in both Italy and Armenia. Italian airport authorities will need to see your Special Residency Status in Armenia so that they allow you to board the plane to Armenia in lieu of a visa. For more information please contact your nearest Armenian consular office.

Posted by: P.Z.   on Friday, July 17, 2009

Comment 2

The Consular Office of the Embassy of Armenia in Abu Dhabi has taken all measures to accept citizenship applications. Questions such as how to apply, what documents are needed, how the applications will be processed, are all clearly answered by the Embassy staff. Already, in the past few months Ambassador Vahagn Melikian met with the Armenian Community members in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Kuwait, in three separate occasions, providing extensive explanations about the procedures involved in the process of applying for the citizenship. This was a great encouragement for the community members. It also helped them to benefit from their summer vacations in order to secure official documents from their original countries, required for the citizenship process. It is expected that after the summer vacations considerable number of Armenians will be applying for the citizenship through the Abu Dhabi Embassy.

"Dual citizenship is an important mechanism that is further bringing together the Homeland and the Diaspora. We are ready in the Consulate to provide every single detail and assistance that will make the applying for Armenian citizenship a memorable event for all those who have the will to start a new kind of relationship with Armenia, based on full citizenship, with all accruing rights and duties", said Marat Melikian, Consul in Abu Dhabi. 

Information about the documents required to apply for the Armenian citizenship and the application form are available at the following link.

Posted by: Moderator   on Friday, August 29, 2008

Comment 1

Dear Hyer,


I am trying to contact our embassy in Abu Dhabi from Kuwait, since last few weeks, but no telephone no fax lines are working and no replay to email.


Please, if anybody have any information about what’s going on or how else I may contact them, replay to my message.


Appreciate for help.




Response from Azad-Hye: The Embassy has moved in March 2008 to a new location in the diplomatic quarter in Abu Dhabi, next to the USA Embassy. The new contact details are: Tel 00971-2-4444196 and fax 00971-2-4444197, email (remains the same): aremir@emirates.net.ae or armemiratesembassy@mfa.am

Posted by: Vahram Gevorgyan   on Friday, May 02, 2008

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