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Forums > UAE Armenians: Youth issues

UAE Armenians: Youth issues
Posted: Friday, May 04, 2007

A member of our community once said: "Youth are not indifferent, we make them indifferent".

A previously active member wrote to us: "During my tenure in the United Arab Emirates, we did few things: (1) started the Table tennis tournament in 1991, (2) started the participation in the Dubai raft race around that time, (3) started the football and basketball teams (Diva Jeweller was the soccer sponsor, I still have the shirt etc.).

None of the above activities managed to survive.

Why there are no serious and persistent activities related to the youth in our community these days? Who has the responsibility for organizing the youth? 

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Post your opinion here. We will send your posting to all the members of Azad-Hye and invite them to place their comments in return.

Comment 4


What a lot of negativity, regardless of whether there was some "political" alter plan behind the Hye Lounge thing, I for one enjoyed it sort of, it was nice easy going and I met some new people!

It is simple, those who do not like it do not have to go to it! Chill..

I would like to thank the team for their efforts and only wish that next time it is done in a place that is not divided in 2 and perhaps come up with some sort of "get to know you" formula.

See you next time.


Robert A. Matossian

Posted by: Robert A. Matossian   on Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Comment 3

As part of the Hye Lounge Team I am going to quickly set two three points.

- Hye Lounge was not created to compete with any body or other groups, we are not here to replace or do others job.

- Hye Lounge is a gathering, and should be approached that way, if you do not want to meet new people or think it is boring...well I hope they have good programs on ShowTime Tv.

- And, last but not least, where is the issue of meeting new people and having chats on different subjects informally...

I am sorry Serjei if Hye Lounge doesn't meet all your needs and expectations, we are not here to change the world, we just want to meet every few weeks with our friends...and share our friendships with new comers.

Thank you for reading,



Posted by: Rafi   on Sunday, June 10, 2007

Comment 2

I know many of you will read this and go on or might think its another catalyst to start a fiasco.. No it isn't. Put your senses together and letís make a difference. Its not through Hye Lounge or via the National Council that were going to make this difference; but within our OWN SELVES, next with people we interact with and finally that will arrive to the collective group who will function with a single spirit, instead of separate paths leading to no where.

Chepadian-If 'rebellion' is what counts to you so-called-Chepadian- this is not how delicate issues are discussed. Your style of communication and addressing people must be altered in order for you to comprehend others and make yourself understood by others.

You are not lurking around to discuss or to point fingers. Instead we should all try to bring out the voice within all of us to better the situation and put an end to a fiasco created by short minded people.

Why cant you all for once let go of this Armenian ego and live your everyday life? individualism is not going to win over collectivism. Is this how all of you live domestically and professionally? always promote your own self and forgetting about others? Its past time we all come out of our hard shells and think realistic instead of personalized idealistic.

We all know it and we are all open and able to see how this egoism is pulling everyone down. But yet practice it.

- I personally donít find Hye Lounge that much of a big step for the Armenian Youth, or the Armenian community.

-It will always attract the same people and the curious ones who want to witness change...with no proper objective. Gatherings shouldnít be made to just have a good time and period. Its forgotten.

- What is the purpose of such a "gathering tool" if we are not going to feel were Armenian. Life or being Armenian is not about meeting new people and exchanging business cards...is this the objective of this organization??? Why not discuss Armenian issues? Armenian issues (understood 'bluntly' as political or colors by many of you) can be anything Armenian activities or issues practiced or done elsewhere, whether its historic or modern. It can be a discussion of evolution of alphabets, our rich art culture, language, recent endeavors and so on.

-Next, these Hye Lounge organizers should do a bit of more research about the community, its interests, past activities, and most important the rules of this country. Iím sure none of you consulted any legal authority or asked those National Council members of such issues. If any suspicious activity is made, the National Council will stand to protect you.

Hopefully, sensibly we will be able to do something for the best of everyone. I will not engage in any back and forth bickering- this comment is a one time thing to put across a thought many of us ignore... I felt someone should bring out these concerns of our "own selves", instead of criticizing one another.



Posted by: serjei   on Thursday, June 07, 2007

Comment 1

I thought the youth were more E-Savvy !!!!!!!!

And Rebellious......

And Opinionated........

Not even one comment?

Come on Young Ones, Speak Up!!!




Posted by: Chepadian   on Saturday, May 12, 2007

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