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Forums > UAE Armenians: Armenian annual balls (barahantes)

UAE Armenians: Armenian annual balls (barahantes)
Posted: Friday, May 04, 2007
Annual dancing balls raise some important issues:
It has become customary to say that the Annual dancing ball is the major income generating source for the Community. It is time to have a close look at this concept. Why are we so much financially dependent on these parties, which do not foster any particular Armenian cultural or traditional values. Furthermore, economically weak families are not able to attend them.
Let us discuss the pros and cons of Annual dancing balls and see how we can imporve them.
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Comment 5

As an Armenian from Canada my wife and I have always desired to reside in Spain along with our 2 young daughters, ages 7 & 8. We definitely want our girls to enrol in Armenian schools, learn their mother tongue and be involved within an Armenian community where they can learn more about their heritage and embrace it, so that maybe one day they may pass it on to their offsprings, and keep our race alive.

Being an armenian is incomplete if it is only recognized by the last name.

How can the Armenian Community help or support such an objective?

Looking forward to hearing from you?

Thank you in advance for caring.


Alain Kechichian

Posted by: Alain Kechichian   on Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comment 4

The below readings will help you form a broader view about the subject and might encourage you to make a comment out of your experience or common sense:


Dubai and Northern Emirates Armenian Annual Ball 2009

Armenian Annual Ball in Dubai 2008

'Mondanite' Magazine writes about the Armenian Ball in Dubai 2005

Comments on the Annual Armenian Ball in Abu Dhabi 2004

Posted by: Moderator   on Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Comment 3

Good day, New in Dubai from Los Angeles, was lucky to find out about the ball through a co-worker in the office. Going alone and with no prior reservation was lucky enough the organizers had a couple of extra tables in the back for the last minute shows. Did not waste any time mingling with the crowd especially at my table.


The MC was a bit disappointing, especially messing up the names with some of the foreign dignitaries who may chose to have second thoughts next year. Given the MC announced the food will be served around 11:00, most people were hungry anyway at 9:00 + so they kindly made their way to the food court which did not include any real Armenian plates. Had no idea that Beef Bourleogn and Sushi were Armenian delicacies. Nevertheless, the food was ok. I was looking forward to having a nice Armenian "gatnabour" you know the Armenian rice pudding at least for desert. But alas, we had to indulge in the famous Crème Caramel and Apple Pie.


The slide shows were ok, but I do believe the nation of Armenia has enough sites that do extend the 5 slides we had at the ball. Coming home, I kept seeing the famous bearded artist in front of me popping up every 3 minutes. I know it takes a large effort to make a ball, but those little things really make a difference.


I recommend the following: The MC mentioning Armenian accomplishments / achievements globally. Put the pictures of our distinguished guests up when introducing them and their occupation and how they will or can contribute. A history of the members of the band old pictures of the previous balls in Dubai and how we evolved Armenian food regardless of its fat content, we do have some light food you know:)


The raffles - I think every table should have a winner. At least 2 movie tickets to a local theater. Makes it more fun for the young crowd.  

Posted by: Armand Shirakian   on Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Comment 2

To Hayg Nahabed,
You say: "Although you are not hiding your name, but your articles always try to give a message by hiding certain facts"
My reply: I think you are aware of these "certain facts"
You say: "Apparently you are aware the real name of HT, but you tried to be provocative".
My reply: "Yes I am aware who is HT but I do not want to disclose it, because then I will have to explain to the public in details the "certain facts".
You say: "Table issue always will be a big headache for the organizers [of barahantes], regardless who is sitting at grand places".
My reply: "I agree, then let us discuss it. For example we can introduce round tables, grand and more expensive locations, etc.
You say: "Your article ends up by an announcement that there are certain "groups" in our community. Again you tried to provoke something".
My reply: Most probably you are a member of these "groups" and you are trying to provoke me.
You say: "Be more specific".
My reply: "OK, I will be more specific. you are the HT"
You sign as "Hayg Nahabed"
My reply: "I don't think there is any Hayg Nahabed in our community. Who is hiding, me or you? I did not hide my name. Please be more specific and write your name properly.
Sebouh Armenagian

Posted by: Sebouh Armenagian   on Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Comment 1

Dear Sebouh Armenagian,
I have read all you articles and the recently published "Barahantes" .
Although you are not hiding your name, but your articles always try to give a message by hiding certain facts and I would like to comment as follows:-
1) Apparently you are aware the real name of "HT", but you tried to be provocative
2) The "Table issue" always will be a big headache for the organizers regardless who is sitting at grand places.
3) Your article ends up by an announcement that there are certain "groups" in our community. Again you tried to provoke something.
Be more specific
Hayg Nahabed

Posted by: Hayg Nahabed   on Saturday, June 16, 2007

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