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Pan-Armenian: Tabloid articles about Armenians
Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2007

From time to time we encounter some articles in newspapers and wide circulation media about Armenians. These articles, which are not usually in the shape of scientifically researched reports, have an exitement element in them. Quite often they are a compilation of famous Armenian names peppered with individual impressions and some recent political or other events related to the Armenians.

A similar article was published today morning in Dubai based English speaking daily "Khaleej Times" (see article here).

You are invited to read the article and place your comment about the way this or similar articles influence the readers and form opinion about the Armenians.

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Post your opinion here. We will send your posting to all the members of Azad-Hye and invite them to place their comments in return.

Comment 2

I didn't know about the Mark Penn connection. This post fills the blnkas in nicely. The worst part is the same people who claim conspiracy about 911 and Iraq and everything else in the last eight years deny that anyone would do so on the other end. Like get Turkey involved in a war that is actually starting to turn around. They don't even have the balls to introduce legislation calling for an actual end for the war. They do crap like this instead for their own political gain.It amazes me that the country has been run like shit since 1989 yet we keep dipping into the same two families for leadership.

Posted by: Nicoleta   on Thursday, February 21, 2013

Comment 1

Dear Matein Khalid,

Thank you very much for your opinion about us. Do not know where you have all this knowledge from but your article is very impressive.

Visit Armenia!


100% Armenian

Posted by: Valentina   on Monday, May 12, 2008

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