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Pan-Armenian: Fanatic Armenians
Posted: Friday, July 06, 2007
There was a time when the first thing an Armenian usually wanted to know about a fellow Armenian was what political background his parents or grand-grandparents professed: Tashnak, Hunchak, Ramgavar, Hamaynavar, etc. (you might say time has not changed much) 
Many Armenians forget that it is quite natural to have fanatics in every community. The real problem is their percentage and what kind of authority they enjoy.
Fanaticism, even for the right cause, is not appreciated in modern times. How can we pursue our national goals without being fanatics?
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Comment 2

Armenian writer Ara Baliozian says: "There are two kinds of Armenians: those who think and those who recycle propaganda. Those who recycle propaganda speak louder and they are never wrong; and armed with that conviction, they persecute and silence anyone who dares to think for himself. Examples from the past: writers from Abovian to Zarian."

I believe that as long as those who recycle propaganda are the majority of our population, little hope we will have to achieve something in this modern world.

Let us all work to minimize the collateral damage that these people can have and create new horizons for cooperation and solidarity.

Posted by: Heros Nazarian   on Monday, September 08, 2008

Comment 1

To me if you can speak, write and read your mother tounge fluently (in this case Armenian) and put all those three skills to make yourself a better Armenian and give back something to your community then I personally think you have been successfull in your achievement

Posted by: Ara Kahramanian   on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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