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UAE-Armenians: Ladies' Union
Posted: Monday, December 15, 2008

UAE Armenian communities in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi had Ladies' Unions in the past. These unions were instrumental in involving the ladies of the community in useful charity and volunteer life. Some social gatherings were organized and some honest causes were pursued through fund raising and social support and compassion. But the present-day situation of these two unions is very regretful. They have stopped functioning properly and they have been reduced to skeleton levels. Only in certain occasions they are revived and sometimes this "revival" is only temporary for one or two days and again the members are dispersed for a long hibernation ahead.

One of our contacts (C. Grogan) had the following idea:

(16/12/2008) C. Grogan from the Armenian Community in Dubai said: There are so many Armenian families and individuals in Sharjah and Dubai that have difficulty in attending the Church services, only because their financial means are not sufficient to pay for transfer expenses.

These people are neglected by the others, although all they are asking for is to attend the Church.

I believe measures should be taken to facilitate the presence of our needy compatriots amid us. Their presence could be combined with parallel activities that can be arranged during and after Church service. For example it is possible to work with them and attract their presence in the Church by encouraging them to prepare home made items and handwork and create a sort of continuous bazaar in the church yard during Fridays, an act that will help the livelihood of these families and will create a certain element of community support and compassion. Besides the fact that it can revive some of our best-known national cooking and handicraft traditions.

The main idea is to create a sort of activity around the Church that will change the present-day idea of churchgoing as a mere ritual. For this purpose the ladies’ union should be revived.

The 10th anniversary of the Church is something good and memorable but it is after all a one-day event, which will fade out by time. The essence of a community life is something totally different than taking commemorative photos.

We need actions that last for much longer time and have substantial influence on our population and things that can practically bond our believers with the church and fellow compatriots. (From Badouhan project. See
Badouhan project permanent page)

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