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Ara Papian: Legal Bases for Armenians Claims

The 3rd edition of Ara Papian's "Legal Bases for Armenians Claims" has been published lately in Yerevan.

This edition is based on previous editions (Yerevan 2007, Toronto 2008), but includes additional articles covering the period until July 2009.

More than two third of the 187 page-book is in Armenian language with several articles in Russian and English.
Added on: 8/14/2009 , Hits:1419
Armenians in Turkey Today

A report by Dr. Tessa Hofmann

A critical assessment of the situation of the Armenian minority in the Turkish Republic

October 2002

Dr. Phil. Tessa Hofmann is a member of the Eastern Europe Institute of the Free University of Berlin and author or editor of ten books on Armenian history and culture. She is also a volunteer human rights activist and defender of minority rights since 1979 and has published or lectured on many occasions on the situation of the Armenian minority of Turkey. In this capacity, she is also an expert for German federal authorities and administrative courts dealing with asylum applications of Turkish citizens of Armenian ethnic background.
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Memoirs of Bedros Der Bedrossian

In October 2005 a new addition enriched the library of the Genocide memoirs and chronicles. Tamar Topjian Der-Ohannessian, the Principle of the Abu Dhabi Armenian Community’s weekly school and a long time resident in the United Arab Emirates, published a translation of a manuscript left behind as a family treasure by her grandfather Bedros Der Bedrossian (1884-1980), titled “Autobiography and Recollections”.
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Sarkis Hatspanian's booklet about Diaspora

Sarkis Hatspanian's booklet “The Diaspora as it is”, published in Yerevan (2002) and distributed to the participants of the 2nd Armenia – Diaspora Conference.
Added on: 9/11/2009 , Hits:1211
The Turkification of Turkey

Size: 9.7 MB (Big Size, 27 pages with photos).

Armen Kurkjian writes (in Armenian) about the process of Turkification of the Ottoman Empire and the continued efforts to create a Turkey with dominating 100% Turkish element, without any tolerance towards the minorities.

The research describes the political course of the Turkification of Turkey before and after World War I up to our times (September 1955 and more recent events included).
Added on: 11/7/2006 , Hits:1861
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