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Ani Umedyan

Ani UmedyanAni was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1980.

She began her study on the violin at the age of seven in Music School with professor Paris Yerkanyan.Due to fine skills and  natural musicality she's been admitted to Music College after R. Melikyan in 1995.In 1999 Ani Umedian was granted a full scholarship for her outstanding talent, allowing her to pursue her musical training at the Yerevan State Conservatory under professor Bagrat Vardanyan,an outstanding musician and teacher. She graduated YSC  in 2004, specialized in solo violin and chamber music with Master Degree.

Since being a student, Ani played a great number of concerts in Armenia, Europe, Australia, Iran.Participated in various music festivals and master courses in Europe and Australia.  At the age of 20, she was selected to perform Bach’s double violin concerto with Yerevan Youth Chamber Orchestra and conducted by Mr. David Harutyunyan(currently a principle conductor of Guayaquile Symphonic Orchestra). This recording was produced by “Naregatsi” Art Center.

Ani successfully collaborates with such great musicians like Philippe Graffin (France), Maria Egelhoff (Germany), Levon Chilingirian (UK) Charles Avsharian (USA), Robert Masters (Australia), Sven Arne Tepl (Netherlands),  Asdis Vladimirsdottir (Iceland), Usi Wiesel (Israel), Michaela Martin (Romania), Victor Correa Cruz (Spain) and others.

Since 2005 Ani Umedyan is a wanted guest artist at important concert halls in Germany, Netherlands, UAE (Emirates) and Australia. She is in professional  co-operation with many orchestras, conductors, pianists and chamber ensembles. As from 2004 she performed in a number of premiers in  Armenia, mostly sonatas, which added to her recognition as a versatile and professional performer.

Ani is a founder of the "Armenian Heritage Ensemble, Singapore" a group of Armenian artists, living and performing in Singapore.

In addition to her performances, Ani Umedyan has an intensive career in teaching.  From 2004 till 2008 she did chamber music assistantship at the Yerevan State Conservatory

Since 2008 she runs violin classes in Singapore. 

Currently Ani Umedyan is playing on a violin from the GPA Holding collection, built in 1800's by Ifrael Kaempfens & Soehne in Neunkirchen.

More about Ani Umedyan: http://aniumedyan.webs.com/

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