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Articles > Azad-Hye Yahoo Group (2003-2004) > 'Kna merir yegour sirem' (Armenian saying)
Posted on 18 May 2003
As you have experienced, almost all Armenians find ways to laugh at compatriot Armenians under the pretext of humor and wittiness. Usually this stems from the superstitions prevailing in the countries where they live, towards other countries or groups of people.
For example, I have witnessed Lebanese Armenians mocking at Syrian Armenians, Greek Armenians mocking at both and Canadian Armenians mocking at all three.
To make the matters worse, I have witnessed Lebanese Armenians from Beirut mocking at Lebanese Armenians from Tripoli (Northern city of Lebanon), Syrian Armenians from Aleppo mocking at Syrian Armenians from Qamishli (North-Eastern city in Syria), Greek Armenians from Thessaloniki mocking at Greek Armenians from Alexandroupolis (North-Eastern city in Greece) and so on.
Some say that this is only a mild kind of teasing, serving only to create a jolly atmosphere. Others analyse that since the old generations of traditional cities such as Urfa, Aynteb, Kilis, etc. are being replaced with new generations in other cities, the old rivalries and rural (kavaragan) mentality of superiority has emerged again inside some individuals and groups of people, who usually are very selective in what they inherit (they prefer to inherit the rotten things).
In times of difficulty all types of Armenians have proved to be cooperating beyond the traditional brandings. During such epochs the Armenian saying "Kna merir, yegour sirem" gains momentum.
Hrach Kalsahakian
Abu Dhabi

After reading the posting "Kna merir, yegour sirem" by Hrach Kalsahakian dated 18/5/2003, I recalled another incidence which reflects the famous Armenian quote "Kna merir yegour sirem".
On November 17 (2002) I represented my application to the Electoral Committee of the Temagan (Executive Council) Elections.
To my surprise people who visited my house, shared with me the same bread (Armenian saying) or discussed with me on private matters, whose computers I repaired, fixed their satellite dishes, etc, turned against me.
I am sure you will wonder why? Well the same question I asked to a prominent member of this group of people and I received the following reply "One day I will tell you." (Since there is nothing to tell)
Despite the full campaign against me I lost the Temagan Elections by 3 votes.
After the elections the same above people congratulated my "success", by using the best words about my personality.
Well, this is a typical " KNA MERIR YEGOUR SIREM".
Sebouh Armenagian

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