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By Ergun Babahan

Following the approval of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress, the Swedish Parliament also adopted a resolution that recognizes the Armenian Genocide.

These are real decisions, not feigned acts.

The Turkish government was furious. And immediately recalled its ambassadors in Washington and Stockholm. Visits to the U.S. and Sweden were cancelled.

Apparently this reaction targets those countries that have passed the resolution recently, because there is no reaction against countries that have passed similar resolutions in the past.

Visits to such countries are not being cancelled and the ambassadors to those countries are on duty.

Obviously, the top echelons of the state have decided to recall their ambassadors or visit countries that pass resolutions regarding the Armenian Genocide after 2010.

Because Enver Pasha may have been a putschist, may have finished the empire, may have condemned 90,000 youth to death by freezing, but he would not have commit genocide.

Amongst us, we can criticize the Unionists and their policies, but we are firm believers in the proverb “the arm may be broken but remains inside the sleeve.”

See, even TUSIAD (the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) has become étatist.

Shame on you. Defend the most liberal policies and then surrender to a chauvinist policy.

Then you, too, are secret Unionists; after all, the role of the Uninonists in the formation of your capital was undeniable.

Had they not crushed and butchered the minorities, your grandparents would not have been able to usurp their goods and form their capital.

In short, you are owning up your history.

And anyway, the Americans killed the Indians, didn’t they? Well, they acknowledge this and teach it in their schools, but who cares?

Armenian babies were deported for having joined the Russians and declared war on the Ottomans. And their mothers were subjected to forced immigration because they procured arms for the babies.

The events of Sept. 6-7, 1955 were in fact concocted by the Greeks to humiliate Turkey in the eyes of the world.

The Ottoman Dynasty may have been traitors, they may have been in league with the enemy, but their administration would not have commited genocide.

I had written in the Sabah newspaper previously.

Had Hitler been Turkish, we would have denied the Holocaust, too. (Of course, there are some conservative newspapers that deny the Holocaust.)

Yes, we started off from Central Asia and marched into the midst of Europe by handing out sweets to babies, food to mothers, and jobs to husbands. And we had to return because we ran out of sweets and bread at the gates of Vienna. Otherwise our history is spick-and-span without a blemish.

We do concede that an army whose battle cry is “Allah, Allah” may have planned to bomb mosques, but we do not concede the truth of that same army annihilating its own citizens.

Dersim is a reality, but the Armenian Genocide is a lie.

Mr. prime minister, how about you also make public the verdicts of the deportations?

Although we cannot explain how the number of Armenians varied between 300,000 and 1.5 million, and how those had been living on these lands for over a thousand years decreased to the level of some tens of thousands, so be it.

In my opinion, everyone should prepare placards that read “We are all Enver, we are all Unionists” and take to the streets on April 24.

The previous editor-in-chief of the Hurriyet newspaper was very influential and successful in the “flag demonstrations.” He could successfully undertake “We are all Envers” demonstrations too.

They may even supply a placard for every five coupons.

Come on nationalists, to the streets…

The Turkish version of the article below by Ergun Babahan appeared in STAR Gazete on March 14, 2010. The English version appeared in the "Armenian Weekly" on March 16, 2010.

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