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The backbone of Armenia is her women. The Armenian woman must be one of the most industrious creatures on Earth. As I go from meeting to meeting, I am very happy when I find a member of the meeting group to be female. The reason for this is that with a woman present, things will get done.


Now, before all the Armenian men swear me off, I am not saying there are no capable men in Armenia. There are many capable men but what I have found is that the true key to the future is the Armenian woman. Armenian Women are very capable and they work from sun up to well after sun down. They help their family, friends and even strangers when ever asked. They are tireless and educated.


I am speaking in large generalizations but I have come to understand that when I enter an organization, I will always find the woman in the organization as she is the key. She will make things happen. She understands how to massage the egos especially if there is the all-important director heading the organization. I find a way to bridge the barriers between us and make her a confidant. Through her, success will come.


In my involvement in the universities, I am finding that the young women are much better students and are much more articulate. The young men spend much of their classes standing in the courtyards smoking where the young woman will attend class and do well on her homework. I want to shake the young men and get them out of their current funk but it seems they are not ready to move out of it in rural Armenia.


In my effort to help improve Armenia, I am concentrating on successful young people, the vast majority of which are young women. I believe through their efforts and vision, Mother Armenia will improve. What concerns me most is that many young men seem to be without motivation. In rural Armenia, they have lost the eon long drive of Armenians to learn. Their language skills are lacking and many have little reasoning skill. Of course, if you get into the state universities in Yerevan, you will find both sexes doing well. Of course, this is the upper crust of kids who have the means to study in Yerevan and can choose not to study in the regional universities.


As I meet young people and work with them, I am impressed by some men but displeased with many more. These young men are capable and can understand modern concepts but choose otherwise. Many feel that they are powerless to change their future and when I find a young person who is willing to work hard to change Armenia for the better, that young person receives all the help he/she needs. However, what I am finding is that in rural Armenia, that person is increasing becoming a young woman who leaves the young man behind in a cloud of confusion.


Armenia will become stronger and thankfully she has a large number of young women to push her forward. The Armenian woman is the true resource. I hope that the young women are encouraged to use their knowledge and skill and not resign themselves to being only wives and mothers. I believe that they can be pillars of the family and at the same time forward Armenia. God bless the motivated young people of Armenia and may their thirst for knowledge and improvement infect those around them.


Source: http://www.blogrel.com/2006/10/23/ode-to-armenian-women/

Posted by Burnell on 23 October 2006 

Added: Friday, December 15, 2006
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