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Your last name ends in -ian or -yan.

You make coffee in a saucepan.
Your mother has a minor disagreement with her sister and doesn't talk to her for 10 years.
You call an older person, you've never met before "uncle" or "aunty".
You do all the housework and cooking if you were female.
You try moving out of your parents' home, but always end up returning.
Instead of cooking a meal for 4 you cook for 10.
When you have a dinner party, there is enough food to last for the next 2 months.
You fight over who pays the dinner bill.
You avoid public places when with a member of the opposite sex, especially if there were an acquaintance within a 25 miles radius.
You get very upset when airlines refuse to accept your luggage, which is just 80 lbs. overweight.
You're about to leave someone's house and you end up having another hour long conversation at the front door.
You're walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all 25 members of your family have come to pick you up.
You ask your dad a simple question and he tells you the story of how he had to walk miles to get to school.
Your mom seems to think her future lies at the bottom of a little coffee cup.
Your parents compare you to all of their friends' kids.
Getting somewhere two hours late is considered getting there 'On time'.
Getting somewhere on time is considered getting there 'early'.
Terms of endearment include sacrificing one's self as well as eating body parts. Examples include: I will die for your height (boyeed mernem), your head, your eyes, your nose, etc; make me blind (vay koranam yes); I'll eat your liver (jigared oodem).

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