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A film by Mathieu Zeitindjioglou

After marrying Mathew, Anna (of Polish origin) inherited a name which has historical meaning. An Armenian name with Turkish intonations which permitted Garabed, the grandfather of Mathew, to escape the 1915 genocide.

For their honeymoon they went to Turkey. With camera in hand, they traced the footsteps of Garabed, they are determined to learn more about Mathew's Armenian origins. In this country where speaking of the Armenian genocide could be dangerous, their name with Turkih intonations serves a purpose to get people talking about their idea of the Turkish involvement during 1915 tragedy.

A road trip across the country marked with animated meetings, investigative film and historic documents to report a sad confirmation: Tour guides, archaeological museum directors, historians, economists, and day guides tell a hallucinating story which has lasted more than 70 years. A State denial which has become an institution in itself , has rewrote the history books pretending that there was a genocide, but a genocide committed by the Armenians against the Turks.

About Mathieu Zeitindjioglou
Mathieu Zeitindjioglou was born in Paris. He studied applied arts and movies in London and Paris. Director, editor, art director and painter, he worked for over ten years in all possible forms and genres: fiction, documentaries, animations, commercials, video art and experimental films.

About the movie The Son of an Olive Merchant
Year of release: 2010
Duration: 76 min 
Genre: Documentary, Animation, Adventure
Co-writer and film actress: Anna Zeitindjioglou
Co-writer: Thomas Rio
Narrator: Jean-Claude Dreyfus
Animation: Ronan Jupin

Production: ZFILMS: Mathieu Zeitindjioglou

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